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Baedere-chan is an OC created by BaedereBaemulator


Baedere-chan (Choro Mitsuki) has short brown hair and matching brown eyes. She wears the default uniform unless customized but instead of wearing a skirt, she wears leggings. Her bust size is 0.7 (B cup).

As a club leader, she will have the Red Armband Of Leadership. (Armband by Shin Higaku The Occult Club PE Leader, Matsu Tree/Bush by me)


She has the Loner persona.

As her name means, she has a type of personality that can actually can be considered as a Dere Type. Bae means either Before Anyone Else or Poop in Danish, something that makes her a complete crappy and sweet person (sour sweet). Baedere is a happy, bittersweet person and a complete fangirl to everyone.

She is the founder and leader of the Osomatsu-San Club.




Canon Characters

The Rainbow 12: She loves them. She has a big crush on the guys.

Budo Masuta: She loves him.

Shin Higaku: She loves him.

Daku Atsu: She loves him.

Taro Yamada: She hates him.

Other OCs

My OCs

She created them.

Other People's OCs







Rinmaru Games




  • Bae means Poop in Danish and it's shortened for Before Anyone Else.
  • She's a big fan of Osomatsu-San, an anime. Her favorites Matsuno sextuplets are Todomatsu, Choromatsu and Karamatsu.
  • Her theme would be the first "Osomatsu-San" 2015 opening theme.
  • Her casual outfit on Kisekae is actually based on my casual look IRL.
  • Her first name is a reference to Choromatsu Matsuno and her last name is a reference to Mitsuki Izumi from IDOLiSH7.

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