Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
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Azumi has short, messy black hair with bright pink highlights. Her bangs nearly cover her right eye. Her eyes are a medium shade of brown, which are almost glaring at someone. She wears a white mask over her mouth with an X on it, as well as a skull with bright pink hearts in its eye sockets. She is quite tall and muscular. She has a tan from spending a lot of time outdoors. She wears the default uniform with black shorts underneath her skirt and bright pink socks that go above her kneecaps.


Azumi is a delinquent in the delinquent gang. She enjoys beating other students up with her baseball bat with nails in it. She takes shit from no one and will harm anyone, regardless of their age, class, ability, etc. She commonly uses slurs and tells people to go cry about it on Tumblr if they get offended by it. Azumi also enjoys telling people to go kill themselves in very creative ways if they get offended by her using slurs because "If everyone's gonna offend you, you should just [insert creative way of committing suicide]." When she witnesses someone commit a murder, she will hit them upside the head with her baseball bat, putting them in a coma.


  • She hates wearing racy clothing because she thinks it would make her look like a whore.
  • She smokes cigarettes, but only whenever she's stressed.
  • Her birth name was "Akihito," meaning "bright."


Kisekae Codes

Uniform #1