Azamuku Raiā is an OC character created by me, DeadlyTeddyBear009.

Azamuku Raiā
Azamuku Raiā

Female Female


Late Teens


Social Butterfly


Bisexual Bisexual

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi High




Varies by person



Personal Status

Older Brother

Additional Info
Lies about people she doesn't like.

Desperate for love.

Appearence and Personality

She has blonde hair and wears the default uniform unless customized.

She regularly deceives people for fun or to get things she wants. She is a very mean but polite person. She has a soft spot for Senpai. She is secretly depressed


At 7:15 she'll show up at school.

At 7:20 she'll head to her locker then go to the fountain area.

At 7:25 she'll look at Senpai.

At 7:30 she'll eavesdrop on conversations.

At 8:15 she'll head to class.

At 8:30 she'll start classes.

At 1:00 she'll eat lunch in the cafeteria.

At 1:15 she'll head back to class.

At 1:30 she'll start classes.

Monday and Tuesday, at 3:30 she'll end classes for the day and head home.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, at 3:30 she'll end classes and stick around at school to eavesdrop on other classmates.

Elimination Methods

Homicide - Stab her anytime.

Poisoning - Poison her breakfest on Wednesday when she's staring at Senpai.

Kidnapping - Befriend her and have her follow you to the northwest storage room.

Fake Suicide - Leave a note in your locker about wanting to talk about depression and invite her to the rooftop.

Drowning - Either drown her in the bathroom on Friday, or leave a note about depression and invite her to the fountain.

Dismemberment - Kill her then dismember her.

Electrocution - Do the same thing you do to Kokona, only on Friday.

Rejection - Have her reputation drop to -100.

Suicide - Have her reputation drop to -150.

Suicide Watch - Expose her dirty secret of having suicidal thoughts to the Guidance Councler.

Note: Her own unique elimination method.


Yandere-chan - Rival for Senpai's love.

Senpai - Her crush. Yearns for his attention.

Midori Gurin - She annoys her.

Older Brother - He ignores her.


An above average student.

Talks to her teacher regularly.

Feels neglected by her family.