Ayuna Mirai is an OC owned by Dandere Slytherin. Only use with her premisison
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Ayuna Mirai
Ayuna Mirai V2
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club None
Age 17
Persona Either Evil or Social Butterfly. Undecided yet.
Crush None
Additional Info What


Her persona is Traitor. If she witness two or less murders, she'll react apon an evil persona, but if she witness three or more murders, she'll attempt to apprehend the murderer.

If a camera is pointed at her, during high school atmosphere she'll pose, during medium and low she'll tilt their head, make an angressive face, and put her hand up to about her neck.


Her hair is a light blonde color, she has dark purple eyes. Her bust size is 1.7


Canon Characters

Non-Canon Characters


  • Somehow she got -1 and a half on the Mary Sue test



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