Ayumi Suzuki is a non canon character that belongs to the user Kirasomething. Please do not use her without my permission.

Ayumi Suzuki
Alias Yumi (everyone) Yu, Ayu, Yuchi (only her little sister calls her this)
Race Human
Biological Gender Female
Pronouns She
Age 16-17
Height 5'
Weight 43 kg (97 lb)
Birthday July 13, 1999
Blood Type AB-
Persona Social Butterfly
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personal Status
Clubs(s) Student Council
Educated in Akademi Highschool
Occupation Student
Reputation 40 or 50+
Crush Haruto Yuto
Previous Crush None
Lives in Buraza Town
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Aya Suzuki (Elder sister) Ai Suzuki (Younger Sister) Kai Suzuki (Mother) Haruki Suzuki (Father)
Additional Info
Class 2-1, in that "circle" in the morning


Yumi has lavender hair elbow hip length hair and lavender eyes. She wears the school uniform.


Yumi is generally a nice person. She likes to help people whenever she can.

Relationships WIP


Aya Suzuki

Yumi's elder sister

Ai Suzuki

Yumi's little sister

Shiya Kurokame

Best friend since Primary School, always help each other out

Mai Waifu

Yumi's waifu

Ine Kaziko


Kokona Haruka

She's not that fond of her

Ayano Aishi

Always greets her whenever they pass, because she doesn't want Ayano to know that she's seen her kill and wants to protect herself and her friends

Saki Miyu

Doesn't really like her

Pippi Osu

Has no idea why she likes gaming

Haruto Yuto

Her all time crush

Rin Oustoka (Deceased)

One of her best friends


Ayumi was adopted at the age of 9. When she was still with her biological parents she was physically abused. The day after she turned 9, her parents dumped her off at an orphanage. She was there for a couple months until a family visited the orphanage and decided to adopt her. Then she met her two sisters, Aya and Ai. She hasn't told anyone about her past, everyone assumes she's biologically related because she looks a little like her adoptive parents.

Also her original last name was Nakato.




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