Ayane Hisashi is a fanon character made by EstelleBrown.


Ayane is Ayaka Hisashi's little sister. Ayane loves sweets and drawing just like her sister. She and Ayaka spend time together playing and going out for strolls in the park.


Ayane resembles her sister, black hair and black eyes. She has bangs across her forehead and hair down to her shoulders. Ayane wears the default elementary school uniform unless customized. She has a scar on her neck but its covered up by her uniform.


She is very bright and cheerful when she's in a good mood. But when Ayane is mad, beware! Unless you give her treats or sweet talk her, she will ignore you and sulk for the rest of the day.


As a result of Ayane being 7 years younger than her sister, she is often ignored by Ayaka. Ayane doesn't mind as she has a lot more fun playing by herself with her toys then with anyone else.

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