Atsumi Iwasaki is one of the female fanon students that currently attends Akademi High School.


Atsumi Iwasaki wears the default school uniform, unless customized by the player.

She will only appear in Mods, however. Her first Mod appearance will be in PeeperPiper's OC Mod. However, anybody can mod her into the game with the correct info and IDs.

She has cyan hair kept up in a high ponytail worn on the left with her bangs swept to the right. She has a slight cowlick on the left side of her ponytail. Her eyes are also cyan, and her bust size is 1.


Among the personas currently implemented in the game, Atsumi is both a Coward and a Hero.

In High and Medium School Atmosphere: In these types of atmosphere, Atsumi is a coward. She will hide her face if the player aims their camera at her. If Atsumi sees a corpse, she, unlike other Cowards' CURRENT behavior in the actual game, will run to a Storage Room, and hide there (fearing that the killer is still around at school), while calling the Police. If she witnesses a murder, she will start begging the player to spare her life in exchange for her silence.

In Low School Atmosphere: In this atmosphere, Atsumi will now stop being a coward and show her true personality. If she sees the player murder someone, she will run up to them and fight them. She is strong when fighting against the player. She will also give Yandere-chan a suspicious look if she aims her phone at Atsumi, even when she's in the Photography Club.

((Note: The LSA Heroic Personality is NOT going to be available on PeeperPiper's OC Mod, and only her Coward persona is exhibited, no matter what atmosphere. However, in this case, this is F.A.N.O.N. world.))


((In PeeperPiper's OC Mod, Atsumi replaces Mei Mio, so she will follow her routine. I'm so sorry. This is only gonna be a fanon routine that's never gonna happen until you code deep into Yandere Simulator to add a new student.))


At 7:05 AM, Atsumi enters the school gates. She changes from indoor shoes to outdoor shoes at 7:10 AM, then lingers there until 7:15 AM, where she goes to the Cooking Club and lingers there to think about the club's future projects and about it's reputation until 8:00 AM.

At 8:00 AM, Atsumi heads to Class 2-2 and starts her morning classes at 8:30 AM. At 1:05 PM, she goes to the Animal Club, and helps the club practice for their new debate at 1:10 PM. At 1:20 PM, she heads back to class. She starts her afternoon classes at 1:30 PM.

She finishes her afternoon classes at 3:30 PM, and quickly heads back to the Animal Rights Club. At 3:40 until 4:00 PM, she, along with the rest of the club, study their Animal Rights books. At 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM, they put all sorts of information in a document. The club sends as much information to their central computer at 5:00 PM to 5:30 PM. At 5:30 PM, she goes back to school to switch from indoor shoes to outdoor shoes, then lingers there until 5:50 PM, where she walks home.


*Atsumi does her Monday "Before School" routine*

At 1:00 PM, she will prepare lunch in the Cooking Club and eat it at 1:15 PM. She will finish eating at exactly 1:30 PM, and will go back to class quickly after. She starts her afternoon classes at 1:30 PM, and finishes at 3:30 PM. Since she doesn't have a meeting with the Animal Rights Club, nor she doesn't bother to head to the Cooking Club, she will just head to her locker to switch from indoor shoes to outdoor shoes, then lingers there until 3:50 PM, where she walks home.


*Atsumi does her Monday "Before School" routine*

At 1:00 PM, she meets with the Animal Club outside the Gym. She starts the debate with the teachers and finishes it up at 1:30 PM, where she goes back to class.

At 3:30 PM, she finishes her afternoon classes. She has a normal meeting with the Animal Rights Club from 3:40 to 4:15 PM. She goes back to school at 4:15 PM to switch from indoor shoes to outdoor shoes, then lingers there until 4:30, where she walks back home.


At 7:15 AM, Atsumi heads to the Animal Rights Club to meet-up with the others until 7:30. If the player is part of the Animal Rights Club, they will receive a task when they talk to her or Airisu.

At 7:30 AM, Atsumi changes from outdoor shoes to indoor shoes, and then does her Monday "before school" routine."

At 1:00 PM, she meets up with the Animal Club in their club room. At this point, the player can inform Atsumi or Airisu about their task progress. She participates in the club meeting until 1:30 PM, where she goes back to class.

At 3:30 PM, she finishes her afternoon classes. She meets with the Animal Club until the end of the day. Because she will stay at school, the player has enough time to complete the remaining parts of the task and talk to Atsumi and Airisu. The player can choose whether to complete it or not. Since the option to "Go Home" will not be available if the player didn't finish the task or talk to the leaders of the club, the only way to get off scot-free without completing it is to either let the school day end and get a Game-Over (when Osana confesses to Senpai) or restart the week.


  • Her hair is exactly like Yuna Hina's, only cyan.
  • Her name was also gotten by the Female Japanese Name Generator by Horizonfudgy, similar to the way Kazuka Okazaki got her name.
  • She is the co-leader of the Animal Rights Club, and will take the leader's (Airisu Akari) place when she isn't present.
  • Atsumi turned to a vegetarian (not a vegan) when she joined Animal Rights. She will reluctantly take an Octopus-Hotdog when offered, and will have a different response when attempted to be given again than other students. She will only eat some specific meat, and if she cooks for herself, she will prepare a vegetable-based meal.


(Note from CyanCheesecake2105: Once I get either photos, fanart, or other portraits, I'll post them here! So right now, I'll mark it W.I.P!)

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