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This character belongs to KawaiiRainbowChan. Please ask for permission before using her OC.


Asuna has brown hair in a hairstyle similar to Yandere-chan's. She has brown eyes.


Chrys Lawliet -

Wonders how his hair is so brightly colored.

Kuro Ketsueki -

Admires her and her ways, but no matter what still loves her.

Yuno Hakateshi -

Likes him in a sibling way.

Ryuna Teito -

Despises her.


  • Asuna was originally a character made through messing around with Yandere Simulator.
  • Is a big fan of a indie game called "Yandere Simulator".
  • Her favorite video game Is Kuudere Simulator.
  • She is a amazing artist but never really expresses it.
  • She is secretly batting depression since her parents and sister were killed.


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