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Suzanne has red hair, and pale skin. She has green eyes, and freckles on her face.


Suzanne is a huge nerd, and can often be seen reading some sort of book about stars or planets. She tends to use long, complicated words when talking, even if it's unneeded.


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I am uncertain how to feel about this, but...Thanks anways.
— When complimented
S-stay away from me, or I'll be forced to call the authorities!
— When witnessing murder
It appears that you aren't in the best mood right now...I'll over here.
— When watching someone Insane
Ugh...Now my uniform is drenched. I should change before I get in trouble..
— When getting splashed with water
Could you maybe be less clumsy next time?!
— When someone falls with water to her
This is disgusting! Where did this blood even come from?!
— When getting splashed with blood
Gross!! Thanks a lot, now my uniform's going to get stained!
— When someone trips with a bucket of blood
*Coughs* Ugh...Is this gasoline...?
— When getting splashed with gasoline
*Coughing* Don't be so clumsy!
— When someone falls with gasoline to her
I want to tell you something about (Student name)...
— When gossiping
Wow...Would (Student name) really do that...?
— When a student gossips about another student to her
Oh! I didn't realize you wanted a photo of me! -She poses-
— when someone points the camera to her
I lost my favorite book about stars...I can't find it anywhere....Would you be able to find it for me?
— Her task
Then why you ask if I needed help...?
— When refusing the task
Thank you! I hope you find it!
— When accepting the task
I am not a nerd, I'm just intellectually superior....
— Random Quote
Oh, you found it! Thank you so much! I owe you one!
— When finishing the task
Uhm...Okay, I guess.
— When telling her to distract someone
Alright! Where are we going?
— When asked to follow a student
H-hey, what're you-
— When getting tranquilized
— When getting murdered
I gotta get out of here!
— When seeing a corpse
If you're not in the Sports Club, then why you have a bat?...
— When seeing someone who isn't in the Sports Club with a bat
You should put that back, you might hurt yourself..
— When seeing a someone with a circular saw
Samuel has to be the worst sibling to exist....
— Random
You should put that away....You could summon a demon...Just kidding, but still, please put it away.
— When seeing someone with a ritual knife
The teacher will confiscate that if you don't put it away....
— When seeing someone with a Katana
Go back to the Cooking Club with that, please.
— When seeing someone with a Knife

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