Aseshi Yumoko is an original character made by Ty-dere. She is based off the student council president in the computer. She is a planned character in The Wonders Of Akademi: Wiki OC's Mod. She could be a rival.


Aseshi was born in Tokyo, Japan. She was a normal shy, everyday girl. Ever since she was a little toddler, her mother would take her round to the local park and take her on days out to the local zoo. By the time she was 9, she was with good grips in her work. She had to move when she was 15 because her father had to move jobs and she couldn't stay where she was currently living.

She wasn't allowed in any public education schools because she was too smart. They did not have the right amounts of work to fit her, so she had to go to private school; Akademi High.

She made one friend called Xiko Asde, she is shy too and has the same interests. Aseshi suffered horrendous news as her Father died falling off a skyscraper. "falling"

She always used to get funny looks of a girl. I think the girl is Ayano Aishi. I have seen her many times before, shaking. Twitiching. Shadow over her eyes. Aseshi never bothered to go near this girl. She just talked to Taro. There is nothing wrong with that?

Appearance and Info

Aseshi always wore the school uniform. She has a good reputation around the school and is leader of the Student Council. She has long black hair and sparkling blue eyes. She never breaks school rules. She has a good bonding relationship with Taro Yamada. He always looks into her eyes.....

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