Ari En
Ari En



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160 cm


120 lbs


June 24th



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Zeitakuna Resu

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A student that seems like they have something to hide.

They tend to avoid areas with strong smells.

Ari En is an OC created by Bunnyboo1312.
Note: I'm allowing Zeitakuna Resu-Chan (or main; Marena Resu-tan) to make edits to this page as long as said edit pertains to her or her character.


A young alien sent to study on earth.

If his true identity is discovered he will be forced to leave earth. Because of this he will not use any alien technology even when being threatened.


Ari has short black hair and pale green eyes. Unusually, he has straight, horizontal pupils, though they are blurred slightly in his info-screen. He wears the default uniform.


He's a nonchalant-faced coward. He gets flustered quickly when touched, especially by anyone he likes a lot and is rather oblivious to certain things such as indirect kisses or gender specific clothes. He'll wear the girls' school uniform without hesitating to do so.


Zeitakuna Resu

Zei was Ari's first friend when he arrived on earth. Ari cares very much for Zei, but is afraid to admit it to himself, as he's afraid that he'll have to leave her one day. Because of this, he unintentionally hurts her feelings sometimes and immedietly feels ashamed for doing so. He is slightly protective of her and often worries about her. Ari depends on her to teach him about things such as makeup and gender specific clothing.

He finds her to be adorable.

Marena Resu

These two characters met when Zeitakuna dragged Ari to class 2-2 to see her big sister, Marena. She is quite intimidating in his opinion, and she has noticed his habit of occasionally checking how she acts around others. Ari depends on her to teach him how to cook or sew an article of clothing back together.

Ari has tried to touch her curl once, only for her to grab his wrist and "politely" tell him that it was a bad idea to even try. He has watched many a perverted student get slapped into the next wall because of that one gravity-defying lock of hair.

While he is intimidated by her, he finds her to be quite pretty.


  • At 7 AM he enters the school and proceeds to his locker.
  • At 7:15 AM he lingers in the library.
  • At 8 AM he walks to Class 1-1 and sits at his desk.
  • At 1 PM he goes to eat lunch with Zeitakuna Resu.
  • At 1:30 PM he heads back to class.
  • At 3:30 PM he goes to the Science Club
  • 5:30 - 6:30 PM he joins in club activities, then returns to his home.


  • Ari's name is a play on the word "Alien".
  • Ari's birth date (June 24th) also happens to be the day of the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting.
  • His human voice is similar to the vocaloid Fukase's voice, while his alien form has a voice similar to the vocaloid VY2.
  • He is in Class 1-1.
  • He is weak to strong smells.
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • He dislikes milk.


"It's just cloth covering my body, what's the difference?"
-Ari En in the girls' school uniform (Courtesy of Zeitakuna Resu-chan)