Aren Fuchs
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Unknown
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush TBA
Additional Info None

(note - I have no idea what I am doing so I looked over some pages and copied some patterns I saw. I have no idea what I am doing, so please critique if you want. Thanks.

And about the age thing, some people in America are 16 by the time they reach 11th grade/the 2nd year. So since this OC is a transfer student, I hope that is okay. please don't kill me)


Aren has brown hair cut into a pixie by herself, which looks decent although admittedly a little uneven. Her bangs are straight and reach to her eyebrows. Her eyes are green and droopy, and her nose is a small button nose that fits somewhat well. Her mouth is a little full, and her head shape is rounder.

Aren has tan skin, mostly from their mom's side (see Trivia.) She stands generally tall at 5'9, and weighs about 144 lbs which is normal for her height. Her body shape is considered the "pear" body shape, which has full thighs/hips, shoulders narrower than her hips, and a small top half and bust. However having been assigned male at birth, she has no bust. Her fingers are long and slender, and her feet are a little big.

Aren's style contains boots, vests, shorts, and sweaters all in "autumn" colors. She doesn't fancy jewelry, except for the occasional necklace. In addition she also enjoys "gatsby hats," along with trapper hats when it gets colder. Strangely, she avoids wearing pants.


Aren is a nervous person, and gets scared very easily. She can pass out if scared well enough, hence why she has the Weak persona. She dislikes this about herself however, and strives to change it. She will take up "tests of courage" and dares just to prove she is brave, unless it involves getting in serious trouble.

Socially, Aren isn't as nervous. She is mute however, which makes her unable to communicate well with most people. She does however like feeling a part of the group, and helping. Aren is generally patient, unless the other person pranks her which can make her very upset.

In addition Aren likes new things, and new experiences. She is too scared to do most of them, but will still try to do them regardless (as long as it isn't illegal and too dangerous.) This is why she likes to meet new people and the main reason she was fine with studying abroad.


Aren grew up to an active family who loved to spend time with each other and was generally accepting. Her mother, Lilli is a restaurant owner while her father, Lukas, is a high school teacher both originating from Germany. They were fine with her being mute, although scared for their child's future and safety. They even took ALS (American Sign Language) and DGS (German Sign Language) , so that the family could communicate easily and learn the new languages together.

When Aren came out as a demi-girl at age 10, her family was still supportive, although surprised and again scared after hearing what happens to a lot of transgender women of color. Aren's personality didn't help soothe her parent's anxieties, and this made them somewhat overprotective for about 2 years, in which the ordeal somewhat cooled down.

Recently to help their daughter's chances of getting into a good college, they let her study abroad at Akademi. The main reason they chose that school is since the teachers knew self-defense, so they were assured that their daughter would be safe there. Aren, feeling a mix of sadness from leaving her family and happiness from experiencing something new, left around the first summer before the roleplays to learn kanji and JSL (Japanese Sign Language.)

Kisekae Code




  • Aren's mom is Native American, hence the tan skin. Her dad is German.
  • Aren's muteness presumably came from her mom's biological side of the family, since her mom is adopted and her dad has no mute relatives.
  • Aren either wants to be a translator or a writer.
  • Aren is panromantic.
  • Aren is polyamourous, and willing to be in a relationship with several people as long as consent from all parties is involved.

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