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The Archery Club is a fanon club. There is only one member currently.

Anybody is free to join.


The members of the club meet up everyday. The leader chooses some things to work on and decide about competitions. The members of the club will help the leader and have a go at getting points for their teams. Some competitions are:

  • Most Points
  • Most accuracy
  • Most arrows missed
  • Fastest time shooting an arrow
  • Most effort put into their teams

Members get school bow and arrows but are recommended to buy their own. If a member has any ideas for the archery club they will get their idea written down and put into a raffle box. Some competitions will get you money and prizes and sometimes a promotion in Archery. Students are not allowed to leave the room with a bow and arrow unless its their own because of an incident in the 1980's involving a student getting shot in the head by a bow and arrow.

Fanon Members

Name Kaga Uizazu

Archery Club




Ritchi Chishiki


  1. If you are in the Archery club, you will be able to access a Bow and Arrow without being considered suspicious.


The Archery Club members will wear a long sleeved top and trousers with socks and shoes.

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