Aoi is a generally unimportant character. She is a young woman about 20 years old. She works at the Maid café in Buraza town.


Aoi is a kind soul, but has a short temper. She is a patient woman. As for grudges, she'll hold as long as possible-but it is highly unlikely she would do this. Her grudges are short-lived and often not fully intentional.


Aoi has light blonde hair and gentle blue eyes. She is often seen wearing the maid outfit for the maid café.


Canon Characters

Kokona Haruka-She finds her particularly strange.


Angela Kurosaki-She sort of resents her for pulling a trick (she pretended to apply for the job at the maid café), but she knows she's a good person and is well acquainted with restaurant business (mainly because she plays those sims) and would hire her if she wasn't joking.

Mary Stu II-She finds her "sickeningly perfect".


  • She is based off of Satsuki from "Kaichou wa maid-sama", the owner of a maid café and the only girl in the shop who wears her own custom maid dress rather than a plain black one. However, Satsuki has short black hair while Aoi has shoulder-length curls.
  • Her name means Blue Notebook (or so my brother says lol), which has nothing to do with her except for the fact that her favorite color is blue

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