The Anti-Edge Alliance (More commonly known as the AEA) is a group dedicated to stopping EDGE (Edgy Demons Get Edgy). ((MASSIVE WIP))



Accounting is a branch of the AEA. It is the highest ranking branch.


  • Legendary Accountant - The leader of the AEA. Despite their status, the Greatest Grandma holds more power overall.
  • Second in Command - Second only to the Legendary Accountant. Position probably belongs to a traitor or something, because that's how all stories usually go.
  • Accountant - The position that most high-ranking soldiers hold. Highly respected by residents of Planet Smile.
  • Intern - Disposable soldiers, usually appointed to small jobs.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a branch of the AEA. It is mostly made up of old ladies, though men can hold any positions.


  • Greatest Grandma - The most powerful person in all of AEA, highly respected. Responsibilities include putting the GG into "Greatest Grandma."
  • Great Grandma - Generals of the Kitchen.
  • Grandma - High-ranking soldiers, commanded by Great Grandmas. Mainly hand out cookies to injured soldiers.
  • Grandma in Training - Mostly comprised of middle-aged women (though all ages are accepted), trained by Great Grandmas.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts is a branch of the AEA.


  • Great Auntie - The leader of the Arts and Crafts branch of the AEA.
  • Auntie - Experienced soldiers who control the battlefield from the sidelines.
  • Artist
  • Finger painter
  • Supply manager

The Nursery

The Nursery is a branch of the AEA. It is made up entirely of children under 18.


  • Big Kid
  • Champ
  • Sport
  • Little Tike
  • Toy Soldier
  • Kiddo
  • Potty trainee


Gardening is a branch of the AEA.


  • Green Thumb
  • Weeder
  • Waterer
  • Seeder

The DAD Unit

The DAD Unit is a branch of the AEA. It consists of mostly middle-aged men who tell dad jokes while they ruthlessly make people pass away.


  • Father Figure
  • Stay at home Dad
  • Teen dad


Ikea is a branch of the AEA.


  • Manager
  • Full time worker
  • Part time worker
  • Kids zone supervisor


Name Branch Position
Jim Jackson Accounting Legendary Accountant
Jermaine Jackson The Kitchen Grandma
Stevie Mills The Nursery Big Kid
Keithara Jackson The Nursery Champ
Greatest Grandma Gretchen The Kitchen Greatest Grandma
Great Grandma Gnorki The Kitchen Great Grandma
Grandma Teresa The Kitchen Grandma
Grandma Tucker The Kitchen Grandma
Father Figure [REDACTED] The DAD Unit Father Figure
Ravyne Starrmeadows Gardening Green Thumb
Oak Enlightenment Gardening Waterer
Puppi Gardening Weeder
Tangerine Gardening Seeder
Emily from IKEA IKEA Manager
Stacie from Accounting Accounting Accountant
Auntie Marrissa Arts and Crafts Auntie


Name Branch Position Why they left
Great Grandma Helen The Kitchen Great Grandma Death by Kawaii Shuto
Davy Hutchinson The Nursery Little Tike Death by Kawaii Shuto

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