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Anju has orange eyes and blonde hair that reaches up to her middle torso. Her bust size is A or B. Anju wear's uniform 1 and 5.


Anju is shy and is mostly reading a book. While encountering a killer, she will run outside and call the police, though she will not scream. In class, Anju is extremely quiet so the teacher mostly doesn't notice when she is absent.

Anju has a best friend in school who has been with her since preschool. Anju's bubbly, happy friend Yoshino Takeda likes to talk about how they acted in their youth.


Back then, Anju was easily happy. She was always determined and wore a right-side ponytail with a pink bow to represent her bubbly personality. Growing up, she developed early puberty at the age of 8, in which she began putting her hair down and started getting more mature.

In maturity, she quit all the clubs she used to be in and took away her bubbly personality completely. She wouldn't talk to Yoshino and started eating a lot more, which led to her grades dropping due to class misbehavior.

At the age of 13 she stopped all of this and grew back into her energetic ways, but this time wore her hair in high twin-tails.

But, by 14, she stopped and immediately became quiet and wore her hair down again.

She used to love watching fantasy and now loves watching action movies, though, the movies don't convince her to be active.

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