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Anju has orange eyes and blonde hair that reaches up to her middle torso. Her bust size is A or B. Anju wear's uniform 1 and 5.


Anju is shy and is mostly reading a book. While encountering a killer, she will run outside and call the police, though she will not scream. In class, Anju is extremely quiet so the teacher mostly doesn't notice when she is absent.

Anju has a best friend in school who has been with her since preschool. Anju's bubbly, happy friend Yoshino Takeda likes to talk about how they acted in their youth.


Back then, Anju was easily happy. She was always determined and wore cute clothes and loved idols. Then, she became more quiet and distant and stuck to proper attire, such as school uniforms. In high school, she would often correct Yoshino of her mistakes.

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