Anastasia Utkina

Human - Russian


Female Female


She She





Personal Status
Educated in

Akademi Elementary


Student, Russian Mafia


-130 (Feared)

Personal Status



Nadezhda Utkina (Mother), Mikhail Utkin (Father), Dmitri Utkin (Brother), Bertha Utkina (Sister)

Additional Info
She's the daughter of a Russian Mob boss. Feared by many. Has an IQ of 226.

Anastasia Utkin is THELEGENDGIANTDAD's OC. She is the daughter of Mikhail Utkin and Nadezhda Utkina, and the sister of Dmitri Utkin and Bertha Utkina.


Anastasia has brown eyes and medium length brown hair that is kept in two little pigtails. She wears a black headband and a purple bead necklace, a gray sweater vest, a purple skirt, and a blue tee shirt. She has pink and white striped stockings and black Mary Janes.


Anastasia is the most feared member of her family, and arguably the entire town. She only has one friend her own age, Keithara Jackson. Anastasia thinks of her family as a bunch of idiots but does care for them in a way. It is a good idea not to cross her, as she has made plans to kill everyone she has met should it be necessary.


Mikhail Utkin

Mikhail is Anastasia's father. She feels like he has made the wrong choice in trusting Bertha to take over once he dies, as she thinks she's much better fit for the role. She does understand, however, that this is because he fears her.

Nadezhda Utkina

Nadezhda Utkin is Anastasia's mother. They are very close, but Anastasia wishes that she didn't show her off to everyone.

Dmitri Utkin

Dmitri is Anastasia's oldest sibling and only brother. They are not very close, as he has feared her since the day she was born.

Bertha Utkina

Bertha is Anastasia's older sister. They do not talk much.

Stevie Mills

Stevie, being Bertha's friend, comes over often. She dislikes him and personally finds him very annoying, but protects him because he is a friend of Bertha.

Keithara Jackson

Keithara is Anastasia's only friend that is the same age as her. They met through Keithara's step-brother, Stevie. They mostly hang out at school, as Keithara doesn't like coming over very often and Anastasia is often busy at home. They both have higher IQs than most people their age.


  • Anastasia Utkin has an IQ of 226. This is only 2 points behind the world record.