First Sketch of Amaya

*Very WIP page of an OC.

*Name may be subject to change.

Amaya Sakurai is a OC belonging to ArinieKat.


Amaya Sakurai is in the second year of school at Akademi High. Amaya lives with her sister who seems to be the exact opposite of her. Amaya used to live is a fairly cold place and the sunny streets of japan and her new school always amaze her.

During her first year of school things were very quite, there were the average squeals of girls, regular gossip, perverted boys sneaking into the girls shower rooms, girls sitting at the side of the race track when the boys were in P.E.


Amaya has light gingerbread coloured wavy hair, she has curly bangs that brush against her chin and she wears a flower in her hair. She has ivory pale skin with rosy pink cheeks, and always wears a cotton pink scarf. Almost always wears a jacket or pink cardigan. Commonly wears leggings and has made her skirt a little longer in attempt to stop perverts and lewds looking at her paints.


Amaya is kind-hearted and friendly, she warms up to people quite quickly and sees most people as her friends. However she is often in a daze and acts a little dopey and clumsy, Often forgetting where her class is.

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