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Come on sweety bunches!


Amaya has medium length rose pink hair. She has blue eyes and fair skin. She wears tiny gold hoop earrings. She wears pink heart stockings and panties.


Amaya is kind of an airhead. She will l do a cute pose if a camera is pointed at her. If she witnesses murder she'll just shiver in fear. However if one of her friends is killed, she'll start sobbing loudly

(Like Bishamon when she started crying in Noragami)

Amaya has very little knowledge of topics like death, drugs, sex etc. Sei and Keiko are very overprotective of her



Sei Saito - Amaya loves Sei (Platonically). She would be devastated if Sei went missing or died

Akiko Najimi - Amaya and Akiko are friends

Keiko Saito - Keiko is Amaya's mother. She loves her.

Ayumu Kishi - Her boyfriend. She's clingy to him and she loves him.

Akihito Saito - Amaya loves her father platonically.


Ayano Aishi - Her classmate.


Saki Kiyabu - Amaya dislikes her

Makiko Higashi - Amaya is told she's a bad influence.


Amaya's task is to find her heart shaped necklace. It's in the shower room near the big bath. After you've done her task, Amaya will become your friend.



Thanks! You look pretty too!
— -Complimenting her
I know I look kawaii, but I'm not that kawaii
— -When being complimented too much
— -Asking her for a favor
Okay! Can you find my pink heart-shaped necklace? Please?
— -Being asked for a task
Yay! Thanks! Please find it!
— -Accepting her task
Okay! It was stupid anyway..
— -Denying her task
Omigosh! You found it! Thank you SO MUCH!
— -Completing her task


— -After witnessing murder
H-huh? What're you doing that for?
— -Witnessing panty shots being taken
Strawberry jam?
— -Seeing blood
Wake up! You shouldn't be sleeping in school!
— -Seeing a corpse or a tranquilized person
Why do you look weird?
— -Seing someone insane and/or bloody


Amaya is not a rival, but she has 1 elimination

Bully Framing!

You can steal Amaya's phone when she goes to the bathroom to shower. If you steal it, you can post shit about people online. However, you must make it sound like her saying it. This will require a minigame where you choose which wording would be best. If you fail, she is still at school. If you succeed, she gets suspended.


  • She's had 3 personality changes.
  • She is in Class 2-2
  • She's a good cook, and she LOVES to make macarons.
  • She's an Anti-Sue
  • She doesn't hate bugs, despite her looks.
  • She is my precious bean. Do not touch her
  • There's a rumor she bullies people. This is not true, she HATES bullies.
  • If you kidnapped her, she'd just jump on your back and want to be carried
  • She's very naive. If a perverted student comes near Amaya, Sei will intervene.
  • She's very dumb. If it weren't for Sei helping her, she'd have failed.
  • She can't swim
  • She has a heart necklace, which is a locket but she keeps forgetting the word "Locket"
  • there might be an AU where she is an incestous little sister. probably not tho



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