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Amaya Saito belongs to the user Mysti. If you have any questions ask her. Critic is also recommended as this character could have room for improvement!
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Amaya has long rose-pink hair. She has sky-blue eyes and fair skin. She wears pink heart stockings.

Amaya's complexion is a bit more tan from being outside so much.


Amaya has the "Airhead" persona. If you pose a camera at her she will do a cutesy pose. If she witnesses murder she will run away and tell Sei and Ayumu.


Amaya is often regarded as "cute" and "ditzy" by most of her classmates. She's not very smart; if it were not for Sei helping her she would have failed out of school. Amaya is also very optimistic and cheerful similar to Ami Furuya.



Amaya loves Sei (Platonically). She would be devastated if Sei went missing or died

  • Akiko Nagasawa

Amaya and Akiko are friends.

Keiko is Amaya's mother. She loves her.

  • Ayumu Suzuki

Her boyfriend. She's clingy to him and she loves him.

Amaya loves her father platonically.



Amaya dislikes her

Amaya is told she's a bad influence.


Amaya's task is to find her heart shaped necklace. It's in the shower room near the big bath. After you've done her task, Amaya will become your friend.


"Oh, well I could use something.../Could you get me my heart-shaped locket? I think I lost it... I don't know where it went..." -Amaya's task

"Really? You'll look for it? Thanks!" -Accepting her task

"Oh.. I guess I'll look for it myself.." -Declining her task

"Sei, you should really stop gossiping about *insert name here*! It's not nice!/What did they ever do to you?/But they have to have good intentions..." -Amaya conversing with Sei at lunchtime on Wednesday

"W-what? C'mon wake up!" -Seeing a corpse

"A-Are you taking them to the nurse?" -Seeing someone hold a corpse

"Why do you have ketchup on you..? Are you a part of the Drama Club?' -seeing someone hold a corpse while bloody

"U-Um.. Are you okay?" -seeing someone insane, bloody or both

"Why's there a weapon here? Maybe I should take it to a teacher.." -seeing a weapon

"W-what are you going to do with that? D-don't hurt me!" -seeing someone with a weapon

"Why would you say that? That's not nice!" -hearing gossip

"Thankies! I really tried today~!" -being complimented

"I appre-appreciate it but do you really think I'm pretty..?" -being complimented too much

"Hihi friend!" -being greeted

"Huh? Oh um.. I guess I'll do it!" -asking her to distract someone

"Sure! Where are ya gonna take me!" -asking her to follow you

"Oh, sure.." -asking her to go away

" that ketchup?" -seeing blood

"W-what? You k-k-k-killed them! SEI, HELP!" -witnessing murder

"H-uh..wh.a..t ..mmph..." -being tranquilized

"Um..why are you doing that?" -witnessing panty shots being taken

"You killed someone! Get away from me!" -trying to talk to her after killing someone in front of her

"Um..why are you naked..?" -seeing someone nude

"Wh-where's my phone?/Oh no, I've gotta find it soon.../Where is it?!?!?" -when she notices her phone is gone

"N-no! I never said anything like that about anyone!/Someone must've gotten into my phone!/Please, I would never do this!" -being accused of bullying

"Sei, are you sure I should watch this?/Okay, I will../ok.." -Amaya and Sei conversing on Wednesday"

"Ohmygod! You were so right~!/I think you've gotten me obsessed, haha!/Sei, who's your favorite VOCALOID?" -Amaya and Sei conversing on Thursday


Amaya is not a rival, but she has 1 elimination


You can steal Amaya's phone when she goes to the bathroom to shower. If you steal it, you can post shit about people online. However, you must make it sound like her saying it. This will require a minigame where you choose which wording would be best. If you fail, she is still at school. If you succeed, she gets suspended.


  • She's had 3 personality changes.
  • Amaya is often considered a good cook- however she refuses to join the Cooking Club for unknown reasons
  • She's very dumb. If it weren't for Sei helping her, she'd have failed.
  • She can't swim
  • that one friend in a group chat who spams song lyrics
  • "mom i accidentally swallowed a lego what do i do"



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