Alison Montgomery
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 80+
Club Cheerleading
Age 17
Persona Anti-Hero
Crush None
Additional Info None
Alison Montgomery is an exchange student who recently enrolled in Akademi High School. Her best friends: Rise Minami, Sayaka Mori, and herself all plan on becoming the most popular girls in school.


Alison is an attractive girl, but is somewhat average looking. She has long strawberry blonde hair that falls to her waist, has blue eyes, and fair skin. She has a very big bust and is the tallest one of her friends. She wears uniform #4, but customizes it so it's the same color as her favorite color, blue.


Alison is the nicest one of her friends--or, at least, the least mean. She is still mean, but likes to lead people on before breaking their hearts. Alison is also very 'fake' and often wears a smile to convince people she's not as terrible as she seems.






Sayaka Mori & Rise Minami

Her best friends, they get along well, but sometimes do have a few fights. Rise is the leader, so she usually does what Rise tells her to do.

Yoshino Kappukēko

Yoshino is a good friend of Alison's, as they are both mean, but not to each other. They are not fake friends, like she is with the Amashi's.

The Amashi's

She hates these girls, but pretends to be friends with them, with the intent of bringing them down later on.






  • She, along with Alison and Sayaka, are based on various 'mean girls', such as The Plastics from Mean Girls, The Heathers from Heathers, and The Ashleys from Recess. Out of all these people, she'd be related to Karen Smith, Heather Duke, and Ashley Tomassian.
  • She is the only one of her friends whose bow does not match her signature color.
  • Alison is the only one of her friends who's hair isn't in pigtails.
  • She also is the only one of her friends who doesn't wear tights.
  • She doesn't share the same height or weight with Sayaka or Rise. Strangely, Sayaka and Rise share the same exact height and weight.
  • Alison is the only one of her friends who is American.
  • She is the most different of her friends.