Alicia Almeida
Kanji アリシア・アルメイダ
Rōmaji Arishia arumeida
General Information
Race Human
Sex Female
Pronouns She/Her
Age 17
Scholar Information
Persona Strict
Reputation 25+
Relatives Parents and Small Brother
Status Alive

Alicia Almeida is a student at Akademi High School and currently the only Brazilian exchange student.


Alicia is known for being the tallest girl at the school and probably the tallest student. She has dark black skin and purple eyes. She have big black hair held in a ponytail with a prominent purple gradient on it. She wears the default school uniform with a purple colors and a purple tie and black boots. Her eyes are black. She wears skull wearings and a bandage on her left cheek.


Alicia may not be the best of the best, but she is a nice and caring girl who is proud of being what she is. She is not above taking risks to provide others well-being and is known for never crying at spilled milk. She holds a welcoming smile and mind and is prone to do everything she can to make everyone comfortable, and feels everyone has a role on the school. Even if she is a polite person most of the time, she isn't above swearing when around her close friends. Even if she isn't a genius, she does her best and works hard to keep good grades for herself and for others. Alicia is strict and obsessed at keeping the peace and will solve the problems with her own hands, literally if she see bullying happening.

Alicia, even holding her perfect life facade, is actually very poor and sad in her daily life as her family is bankrupt and in critical situation and she forces herself to a job so she can pay her own school. When she really wants something, Alicia gets this something, unless this breaks the peace. However, if Alicia gets angry, her temper burst into a fiery passion aiming to destroy everything and everyone who bothers her, even tough this is rare.

She is a big fan of toilet humor and laughs at everything supposed to be a joke, even if it was intended to be awful. She likes to make her own jokes, but they're always bad and rarely make any sense, she still loves them and cracks a laugh whenever she reads them, even if they're old and overused. But she, indeed, can make good humor but is too bubbly to even discover what is actual "good" humor.

She loves love and is very romantic and believes her true love will come to her one day in a white horse, proposing to her. She is disgusted about fake love and break-ups and thinks lifelong romance is the only romance who actually exists. She is bothered by child pregnancy, which was common in her old country and believes that people like those are "filthy forever".

As a big fan of fashion, she loves to make her own goth themed style and likes to test new hairstyles and clothes and appreciates shopping sprees, even if she is not in condition to do this.

She is secretive and keep her past in secret, making her very mysterious and leading the students to create fake stories about her past, which are all fake, as her past was, in fact, very simple. However, when told one of the various fake stories, she fakes to be surprised and trembles in order to make fun of anyone who is telling her.


Ritchi Chishiki

Ritchi was Alicia first friend at Akademi and since their first day they share a strong bond of loyalty. They share secrets with each other and are very close.


Yet to be determined.


Kisekae Character Import Code



  • She is currently the only Brazilian exchange student.
  • If she was from Hogwarts, she would be a Hufflepuff.

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