Akuno Dan is an OC owned by Dandere Slytherin. Please only use with permission.

Nobody knows her real name, so they call her 'Unnamed'.

Akuno is a Fanon Student in Akademi High, and cannot appear in-game unless modded in.

Akuno Dan
Akuno Dan 2
Student Info
Career Student, Glitch
Reputation 0
Club None
Age 17
Persona Evil
Crush None
Additional Info


She has blue twintails that become spirals at the ends, with bangs swept to the right. Her eyes are the same color as her hair. She looks very glitchy. She wears her own custom uniform.

Her custom uniform is a dusty blue color, the only parts not blue are black. The undershirt and shoes are black.


Evil. This character is will react positivly to murder, and won't alert the police, as she wishes to see more crimes.


Fanon Students

Akane Akai - Friends. Akane is the only one who understands her language, and refers to her by her real name.

Canon Students


  • She normally speaks in her own language, which is basically a distorted mix of english and french.
  • Because she normally speaks her own language, she doesn't have many friends.
  • She's kinda based off moi
  • Her first name was Dan Slyth, before Akuno Dan was decided from a poll.
  • Her favorite color is blue
  • Her favorite food is pizza
  • Her favorite drink is Cotton Candy Frappicino
  • Her nickname, Unnamed, is here mainly because before she was probably here she was refered to as 'Unnamed' since she had no name. I liked it too much and made it her nick-name/name everyone calls her
  • She is a glitch.
  • Most of the trivia is developed because of what I like and stuff that happened while she was still my kawaii Unnamed.
  • Nobody knows what gender she is really bc she's too glitchy, so people refer to her as 'It' pronouns.

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