Akira Kazumi
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Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 180
Club Sports
Age 17
Persona Tsundere
Crush Yui Rio
Additional Info None


Akira is an OC made by YandereBaka.Her portrait was made in Lunaii Dollmaker.


Akira was born in a small town.When she was 7 years old,she moved to Buzara Town.Akira hasn't got too many friends.She is secretly crushing on Yui Rio.Her closest friend was Naomi Matsuzaki,until she died.Kazumi-chan hates her parents for unknown reason,but many peapole pay Info-chan with panty shots to know Akira's secrets.

Her eyes are green,she wears the normal school uniform,has natural red hair and a white streak in her hair.She is a Tsundere.When the boys ask her out,she slaps them or simply yells: "BAKA!"


  • Akira was made accidentally by Cyanthia-chan (YandereBaka)


  • Originally,she was a kuudere.
  • Her favourite food is chicken or anything that contains meat
  • In her backpack,she always has a picture of Yui Rio.
  • Her biggest dare was to kiss Igor Luan.
  • Her biggest wish is to develop a videogame.
  • She is the smartest student in the school,so she is known by many persons in school.
  • She is afraid of spiders.