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Akio Chino is a fanon-made OC and is a transfer student.


He has black eyes with brown hair.

Personality/Mental State

He tends to be much trickier to murder than most students, but is not a Rival. His Persona is normally a Teacher's Pet, but he has Coward and Evil traits as well. He will run immediately and hide, calling the police if you don't murder or trap him quickly enough.

If he witnesses murder, he will then be Mentally Scarred, and will continue informing the headmaster, teachers, and other students.

If he sights a murder again, then he will attempt to put the school on lockdown and call the police again. He has a "Sanity" value similar to Yandere-Chan that decreases every time he sees a murder, but resets if you restart the week, but if you didn't reset last week, his sanity will be the same as the beginning of the week. If his sanity gets too low, he will crouch, saying phrases such as "Make it stop..." and "I can't take it anymore!", eventually, he will rush towards Yandere-Chan, attempting to kill her as a last resort, maniacally laughing in the process.

How to Survive

You MUST have high points in PE, or else he will inevitably kill you if he sees you. A different Game Over screen will appear depending on if Akio was around students, teachers, and other staff. If he rushes for a little while, and you manage to outrun him, the chase continues, but he will walk, which is when the chase music will begin, indicating Akio is hunting for you, and the school will be immediately put on lockdown as usual, and the effect will seem as if the school atmosphere is 0. Your only hope to survive is when the school day ends, in which Akio will immediately be apprehended, eliminating him. If he spots you while he is in the "Chase" mode, he will rush at you again, but for a shorter time, before walking. If you manage to kill him while he chases you, then the chase will immediately end, though as said before, you need to have high PE points, or he will stab you in the heart.

Game Over Screens

When Not Around Staff

The Game Over screen shows Akio laughing maniacally over Yandere-Chan's corpse, before turning sane and walking away, red text appears saying "KILLED"

When Around Staff

The Game Over screen shows Akio arrested, with Yandere-Chan dead. The same text appears, saying "KILLED"

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