Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
Heyo, this OC belongs to Vick!! Please ask him for his permission before editing this page/using this OC in any of your works!! However, making fan art is completely fine!! Thank you so much!!




They have messy shoulder length hair which is dyed black with three streaks in their bangs that are bright pink, cyan and purple and shaved on the left side. Their eyes are a dark pink-purple colour. They wear black framed glasses. They are tall and slim. They are also pale, likely due to not going outside much. They wear a custom uniform, which is a light yellow sweater vest, a red tie, a short sleeved white button up shirt, black pants and black shoes.


Akimi is what some people call a "smartass", due to normally having a smart answer. They commonly joke around with others a lot. They have a major love and passion for art, and is almost always seen drawing in their freetime. They also enjoy teasing their cousin, Kyoko.


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