Akiko Shai is a OC created by the user AkikoChan1She is a student in Akademi High School and belongs to the Photography Club.

                  Akiko Shai

Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Photography
Age 18
Persona Coward
Crush Budo Masuta
Strength Incapable of self-defense
Additional Info None


Akiko wear the default uniform of the academy. Her hair is similar to Mai Waifu's but hers is maroon/red. Her eyes are brown and her bust size is 1.2.


She is very shy, she is a coward. If she sees Yandere-chan killing or carrying a body, she will beg her to don't kill her. She'll swear to do not call the police. As a coward, she will cover her face with her hands if Ayano put the camera on her.


Arrived at 7:00 A.M. with other students, she walks to her locker. At 7:15 A.M., she gossips with her friends, Senpai's sister and Osana Najimi next to the Martial Arts Club. She often stalks her crush, Budo. In Wednesday, she stays in the Photography Club all the day so she can't talk with her friends.

She goes to her classroom (2-1) at 8:00 AM to 1:00 P.M. Then she leaves school at 4:30 P.M.


« Oh my god ! I can't believe what I saw ! »
— Akiko when she sees Yandere-chan carrying a body
« I swear I won't tell anyone what I saw ! Just please, don't hurt me ! »
— Akiko when she sees Yandere-chan killing a student
« I haven't told anyone what I saw...please...just leave me alone... »
— When Yandere-Chan tries to talk to Akiko the next day after the murder.


  • Her name means "shy" (Shai)
  • She joined the Photography Club just for secretly taking pictures of Budo.
  • Like Yandere-chan, Akiko has got a shrine in her bedroom but with Budo's stuff.
  • Budo never noticed her.
  • She was supposed to have brown hair but following the game data, it turned red.


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