Akihiko Arata(明彦 新)is a student who attends Akademi Highschool.

Akihiko Arata.
Staff Info
Career None.
Club Sports Club.
Age 18.
Persona Loner.
Crush None.


He is mostly calm, cold and emotionless towards people, not showing one little bit of life in his eyes. But if he is angered, he can turn into a complete monster, he doesn't forgive anyone, and if he has forgiven a person atleast 1 time, that person is lucky. He holds grudges easily and pretends like the person is their worst enemy.

However, when he is happy with someone, he is a complete puppy. Always asking to hold their hand, complimenting them a lot and loving them unconditionally.



He is a tall guy with a muscular body, he is about 1,78 m and 51 kg. He has messy yet beautiful dark hair and seductive yellow eyes. He has a pale skin, since he doesn't get out of his house much. Only to go to the gym or go to school.

His uniform is a white button shirt, black pants, a belt and black shoes. He also needs to wear glasses when reading.


  • He has a older sister and two younger brothers.
  • He has a single father.
  • He likes writing.
  • He mainly is on the school rooftop when it's lunch break or before the classes start, but on certain days you can find him on the rear of the school.
  • He is in love with cats.










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