Aki Masu
Aki Masu
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation -20
Club None
Age 18
Persona Social butterfly
Crush Kagaya Kimasu, Taikutsuna Otoko, Hana Sakimasu, Okub Yōna, Hei Kin, Fitton Esu, Dō seiai
Strength fights back weak
Additional Info He is a huge perv that has a hard on for Kagaya


He is a huge perv. He is very protective of Kagaya and he will risk his life to protect her. He is madly in love with Kagaya and really wants to seduce her. He is playful and flirtatious.



When he was a child he was always playing with his friend Chi. Chi acted a lot like Kagaya one day when shopping he brought Chi with him but their was a robbery and Chi died trying to protect him afterwards the police came and rescued him and his family.



he has light white skin, purple eyes, Light purple ruffled hair that is spiky on the bottom and smooth on the top. He has 8pac abs and purple boxers.



he has no siblings

he is bi


Aki Masu casual
he got a 11 on the mary sue limiters test if you do not belive me check for yourself
Aki Masu Beach

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