Akaria Rozuko is the 1st OC belonging to PinkHoodie. She is a second year student at Akademi Highschool

Akaria Rozuko
Pink Hoodie
Student Info
Career Unknown
Reputation 0
Club Maritial Arts and Occult
Age 17
Persona Unknown
Crush Mimiko Shuzuruki
Additional Info None


Akaria had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, often wearing a T-shirt that has flowers, trees, and such, Wears glasses because of her poor vision, has no relatives... or known relatives anyway, she knows how to summon demons although tends not to, has pale skin, and looks like your average goodie-goodie-girl.


Akaria is somewhat mysterious as she is kindv'e new to Akademi Highschool. She acts secretly and tends to try not talk to people. She loves to be alone, though it's pretty hard for her to be alone, Loves marital arts, hates when people try using her, will try to be heroic at times of need, is quite nice if you get to know her, and she is very bright. Her alternate personality is mean, dark, cruel, hateful, and deadly at times. This happens when she snaps out at someone or is VERY angry. She has flaws though like everybody else. She could barely see if her glasses are not on her, she tends to do things before she thinks, speaks her mind sometimes, often makes mistakes, and sometimes screws up things.

Back Story

Akaria grew up as a farmer and worked hard to please her family. One day her family "disappeared" out of the blue and she had to work and fend for herself. She then went on to get educated and she continued to work for money. She now lives in Buraza Town and often wanderes around doing hells know what.

Relation Ships

Will be added soon.

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