Chojo tekina by muroachifungus-d9qh3qw
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Akari has long, dirty-blond hair with the tips of her hair dyed pastel pink that also reaches her waist that is commonly put up into two twin tails that are held up with salmon pink bows. Her messy bangs are held back by a hairpin with a light pink heart on it. She also has a heart-shaped ahoge at the top of her head. Her pastel magenta eyes are covered by a pair of pastel pink rimmed glasses. There are also a lot of freckles all over her face, most notably along her nose and cheeks, which are also commonly blushing. She also has braces to correct a misaligned jaw rather than crooked teeth. She is at a slightly below average height for someone her age, standing at 5'3 3/4" (commonly rounded to 5'4")/1.64 m and is a bit curvier than most and weighs 130 lbs/59.1 kg. Her bust size is average and would be 1 in-game.

At school, Akari wears the default female uniform (white seifuku) unless customised with pastel pink striped knee-high stockings. Outside of school, she tends to wear sweaters, blouses, skirts, leggings, etc in a pastel pink, black and white colour scheme. She also styles her hair differently outside of school. Some of these hairstyles include a braid, braids, one large ponytail, all of her hair down, etc.


Akari is very kind and friendly to anyone and everyone she meets. She greets anyone she meets with an (albeit awkward) smile. She enjoys meeting new people and spending time with people. She, however, tends to come off as shy to people a lot due to her stutter and generally being awkward around new people, which is somewhat true; she dislikes talking to people because she thinks people will judge her because of her stutter. However, she can act serious, mature and sometimes motherly at times, both in a caring way and talks to her friends in that manner when they do something bad (for example, Freind trips Takeru. Akari talks to Friend in a motherly tone and makes Friend promise to never trip Takeru again and apologise to him.).

Akari's persona in-game would be Coward, meaning that she would beg you for her life if she witnessed a murder. However, she tends to act as a Social Butterfly to cameras, as she does make a somewhat awkward pose when a camera is pointed at her; so, her persona could be classified as "Social Coward."


  • Unless she's at school or a formal event, Akari never wears matching socks.
  • She actually doesn't need to wear glasses, she just wears them for fun.
  • Akari owns a cat named Ayame. She is a white Persian cat with green eyes.
    • Ayame also tends to hurt Takeru and strongly dislike him, for whatever reason.