Akari Hashimoto
IMG 20150930 152542
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation Unknown
Club Unknown
Age 16
Persona Unknown
Crush Unknown
Additional Info Unknown

[1] Akari Hashimoto is an OC by NonyaBuisness and is Non-Canon. She attends Akedemi Highschool.


Akari is a short girl with long wavy brown hair. She wears the Default Uniform with thigh high socks and black shoes.


She is a shy antisocial girl who doesn't interact with people unless absolutely necessary. She likes to read and play computer games.  Due her parents absence, she lives with her older sister Sakura Hashimoto. Akari's sentences frequently start with "um".


Sakura Hashimoto is her older sister. They live and go to school together.


  • She and her sister were born in Mexico and raised in Japan.



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