This OC belongs to Cyrax aka RyanCannotDraw (Soon to be User:DuckPimp). Please ask for his permission before using this OC!!


Akai is a short, skinny girl with dark bluish-purple hair. She has dark purple eyes, one of which is covered with an eyepatch. She has a small braid, tied up with a small, black bow. She wears the normal uniform, accompanied by the crescent moon choker from the occult club.


Akai is an overall strange girl. She always goes to class super early, but pays attention to none of the classes. She never really eats at lunch at lunch time and spends a lot of time on the roof just staring into the distance. She has a dark sense of humor, but when witnessing actual crimes, she freaks out and hides.


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Kisekae Code


"You...I saw what you did to that student yesterday...I will make sure everyone knows what you did...Stay away from me..."


"Gah! Get that thing out of my face! P-Please!"

Lo l

"Heh...I saw what you did yesterday...And I gotta say...I'm quite impressed...But to avoid any suspicion, don't talk to me...Okay?" Akai's original design.

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