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The third challenge of Akademi Murder: Camp! The death and live experience of Yandere Simulator fanon wiki!

The First Challenge Plot

After the attack of Emi and the deaths of Jack and Pippi, the australian duo. The situation get even harder when the teams are trapped at they dormitories by the Demon. Now the teams need to escape his deadly attacks and find the keys to open the door, however, someone is on great danger.

Entries Requirements

The entries need to have:

  • The teams must find they teammates bodys;
  • The teams need to wake up trapped in they houses and stay at the night time, the Demon will start attacking at night;
  • Various attacks;
  • Need to write the scene where someone finds the key and opens the door.

Good luck!

Where do i write?

I don't care. You can write on a document and send it to me! The team can choose one member to write while the others describe what happen, or the team can set up a google document, edit it all together and them save and send to me.


Team Puffer Fish

Team Eagle



It was the dawn of a new day. Birds were singing. The forest leaves were moving and the killer was watching out there. Xavier woke up in Kyoko’s room and looked at her, sleeping like a beauty. Xavier looked around before quickly giving her a kiss on the cheek and heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. But, little did he know, an unwanted intruder was in the male dormitory before sneaking through the vents into the basement. After making breakfast, he sat down on a couch and watched TV, eating his breakfast.

In the male dorms, All wakes up. pretty much everybody were planning to go out to breathe some fresh air when they found out the doors are locked. All of them were in fear but calmed down after some time. Fumio : “what about the windows?” and goes checks them to find out that it is covered like wall, All males tried to open it but with no benefit. All : What should we do?! some of them were in terrible fear of the killer, while some tried to calm down. Hirito : I think I need to go find some food for us to eat and goes the fridge, Once he opened the fridge, They all heard a scream of Hirito. They hurry up to see what happened. They found out that there was a knife trap that works once someone opens the fridge. The knife fell on Hirito’s shoulder, Making him unable to move his arm. The boys tried to help him by First aids and tied his shoulder with a thick tissue. He lost much blood.

Xavier overheard and tried to burst through the exit, but ended up slamming into the door cartoon style before falling back. “OW!” He said. He tried opening the doors, to no avail. He then began running around, yelling. “The doors are locked! We’re trapped!” He yelled out.

Kyoko slowly wakes up and sits up, looking around. “ I?” she said, jumping off the bed and walking downstairs. “I need a breath of air…” she said, taking a deep breath. “Nope, this isn’t good enough. I need to go outside!” She tried to open the door and failed. She tried to rattle the doorknob and failed. “I can’t get outside!” she said.

Xavier ran up to Kyoko. “Bad news. Someone locked us in. We’re trapped.”

Kyoko stared at Xavier in terror. “NO-O-O-O-O!” she cried. “Oh, I wish I could go home. I hate it here, so many people have died...well, a lot to me. Who is going to be next?!” She wiped her eyes and clenched her fists. “I’m going to get out of here!” She punched the door, trying to break it down, only to hurt her hand. When she looked at it, it was scuffed and slightly bloody, and she wiped it, sighing. “Ow-chee…”

Xavier looked at Kyoko’s hand, got out a wet towel and began rubbing it softly and slowly. “There...Look, Kyoko, we might as well look for the keys. You and me should stay together. I shall protect you, my princess.” Xavier said, holding her other hand.

Kyoko smiled, but didn’t say anything. She felt tears dripping down her cheeks, and she looked around, crying. A sob escaped from her throat, and suddenly she was having a breakdown. She sunk to her knees and cried until there were no tears left.

“Do you want a hug?” Xavier asked Kyoko, patting her back.

Irina slowly woke up, and realized a blood print on the ground, she slowly follows the prints, only to see Pippi’s corpse.

“Pippi?!” Irina was shocked. “...No! Why her?! WHY SHE WAS KILLED!? I ACTUALLY LOVED HER!”

“First Pippi, Emi and now Hirito is hurt!” all boys feel fear and sadness, Wishing they didn’t came to the camp.

Minato : Maybe there is a way to escape somewhere, We must find all ways possible to get out of here!

Kyoko hugged Xavier and got up, wiping her eyes. “I’m weak, but I’ll try to protect everyone. But I’m so scared!” She went to her backpack and got out a knife. “My cooking knife. If anyone tries to kill anyone...just ask me for this!”

“Maybe the is a key for the door, Didn’t we find one once we got here?” Fumio said. The males nodded, While going out to find it out.

“ I am gonna search in the toilets, Maybe we’ll find it!” Igor said.

Fumio : I will try to find it somewhere in kitchen, I will be careful of the traps hidden there!

Kyoko clasped Xavier’s hands. “So, let’s look for that key so we can actually walk around and stuff! I feel so claustrophobic…”

Irina walked towards Kyoko and Xavier, crying.

“Irina! What’s wrong?!” Kyoko gasped, putting her hand around Irina’s shoulder.

“Pippi...She was sliced in half…Waaah!” Irina cried.

Kyoko was speechless. She put her head in her hands. “No! No! No! This can’t be happening! There’s a serial killer on the loose in the freaky camp that we’re stuck in! I’m sure the killer must have locked us in and he has the key, so he can rush in and...attack!” She shivered.

“Everything’s going wrong...Lead me to the body, Irina. I’m part time undercover cop.” Xavier said.

“O-OK, Xavier.” Irina sobbed a little, before leading Xavier to Pippi’s Corpse.

Xavier looked at the body. “Hmmm...She seems to have been attacked by a chainsaw.” Xavier said.

“If I was a really good at finding out and killing the serial killer, I’d kick his fucking ass! I HAD A FREAKING CRUSH ON PIPPI!” Irina shouted in rage.

Kyoko sat down on her bed, staring into space. Everything was going weird...and scary. What was going to happen next…?

Xavier walked over to Kyoko’s room and knocked. “Hey...Kyoko? Can I come in?” Xavier asked.

After half an hour boys started searching in their dorm, “Here! Come over her guys!” Igor said loudly. Fumio and Minato run to see what’s in there, Finding out that Igor got the key.

Fumio : Good! how did you get it?!

“ I found it under the toilet box, there.” Igor said

The boys head up to open the doors.

“Yes, you can come in!” Kyoko called to Xavier, sighing with sadness. She didn’t want any of her friends ~ or herself ~ killed like Pippi was!

Xavier walked in. “Hey...You’re okay?” He asked, sitting next to Kyoko. “No…” Kyoko sighed.

Xavier was deep in thought before taking a deep breath. “Can I tell you something, Kyoko?” Xavier asked, blushing.

“Sure, go ahead...besides, I already know that I’m probably going to get killed.” Kyoko said, raking a hand through her hair and thinking about how she wanted to go home.

Xavier held Kyoko’s hand. “Kyoko...Ever since I began this little camp, I’ve been in love with you...And, most people I express my feelings to always say that they just want to be friends...So, if you just wanna be friends, that’s alright.” Xavier said.

Kyoko smiled. “I don’t ‘just want to be friends’! I like you too! Besides, we need to make the most of our lives in case we get killed!” She blushed.

The boys successfully opened the door, Hirito is with them. but once they got out Fumio and Minato fell harshly on the ground, There was metal spikes underneath. “MY HAND!!! AGGGGH!” Fumio yelled in pain. His hand was bleeding hardly, while they get him up. Minato is not hurted, though Xavier smiled and hugged Kyoko, kissing her cheek. Kyoko suddenly seemed deep in thought for a few seconds, and glanced up at Xavier. A red blush spread across her cheeks and she got up, rushing out of the room.

Xavier looked in the direction Kyoko ran and sighed, looking around for the keys alone.

Kyoko sat down against a wall. It was all . She liked Xavier, but he wasn’t her crush. A certain girl was Kyoko’s crush. But that wasn’t Kyoko’s only worry...there was also the panic about all the murders and the killer lurking around the camp.

Xavier kept looking around until he saw the killer holding the keys. Xavier walked towards the killer slowly.

Kyoko got up and walked around, looking for Xavier so she could explain everything. She saw Xavier walking towards the killer and froze.

Xavier and the Killer got into a brawl before the Killer stabbed Xavier in the arm and ran away with the keys. Xavier fell to the ground, holding his bleeding arm.

“Xavier!” screamed Kyoko, rushing to him. “Help! Somebody, help!” She hovered over him, so confused and scared that she couldn’t think straight. She took a deep breath and screamed as loud as she could. “Help! Help! Help!” she yelled at the top of her voice.

Xavier looked at Kyoko before passing out from blood loss.

Back to the boys, walking carefully trying to avoid being hurted by the spikes, While trying to heal Fumio’s injury. he has a first aid bag.

“Help! Somebody, help!” she shrieked. She burst into tears and, panicking, tried to cover Xavier’s wound, only getting a lot of blood on herself. “!” The panic and fear in her heart was growing. Where was somebody?! “Help! Help...Xavier’s been stabbed! Help!”

A small first aid kit fell out of Xavier’s bag.

“Oh, a first aid kit!” Kyoko said, grabbing it. She was good at first-aid but couldn’t think at all, due to blind panic. She stupidly grabbed some band-aids and carefully stuck them onto Xavier’s wound. She got even more scared when she saw the blood through the band-aid. “Help, please!” Kyoko yelled at the top of her lungs, coughing.

Xavier’s eyes opened slightly as he looked at Kyoko. “Kyoko...Before I die...Please...Let me have my first kiss with you...Then, I shall die at peace…” He said, weakly.

“Let me help you!” Igor looked for a First-aid, not realizing Kyoko has done it before. The boys hear some noise coming out of a near dorm.

“As you wish…” Kyoko sobbed, kissing Xavier on the lips slowly.

Xavier kissed back. “…” Xavier said before smiling, his eyes closing.

“…” Kyoko cried, tears pouring down her cheeks. “You...can’…” She tried to feel his heartbeat, feeling nothing. “No!” she yelled, getting up with shaky legs. “ can’t be dead,’s not like…” She felt again. “It’s confirmed. He is dead…” She burst into tears.

There was a small flash on Xavier’s forehead. As if part of him was still alive. A small sign was flickering.

“…?” Kyoko said, staring at it. “W-what’s that…? It’s as if...he’s still...alive somehow...but not...alive!”

It flickered a bit more, in the shape on an arrow, pointing down.

“Down…?” Kyoko said, looking down. “That doesn’t make sense! How...down…?” She shook Xavier, leaning towards him. “Are! You! Dead?!” she yelled in his ear, and sat up again, waiting for a response.

The flickering stopped, as if it shorted out..? Soon, a button was visible underneath Xavier’s left ear.

“What do I do?” Kyoko wails.

The button glowed red.

“Hey, is that…” Igor asked.

“I see something red…” Kyoko said, feeling behind Xavier’s ear. “Huh?! A button?! Why is there a button…? Look, Igor!” She gently pulled his ear so the button was visible. “A...button?!” “A button? Should I press it?!” Igor said It began glowing rainbow colors with arrows pointing to it.

“Push it!” Igor said.

Kyoko pushed it, feeling uncertain. “Eh...I don’t know what it’ll do!” She got up and stepped back a few steps, determined it was some kind of self-destruction button.

Xavier’s face emitted steam and got lifted off by some robotic bars, revealing a piece of paper with a trollface on it.

Kyoko looked at Igor, then back at Xavier. She raised her eyebrows. “Why did I get scared of this?! Has Xavier faked death?!”

A small sheet fell out of Xavier’s pocket, saying:

Thank you for purchasing the Decoy Bot! Simply take some of your blood and place it on the face of the bot. The bot will scan it and assume your appearance and personality and do what you choose! And thank you for shopping at Fukidashi Inc.

“This is an invention?!” Kyoko exclaimed. “So I kissed a robot? Eugh!” She wiped her lips fiercely, and looked around. “Is this a joke? Xavier! Xavier! I know you’re alive! This is a Decoy Bot!”

There was the weird sound of...snoring echoing through the hallways.

“...” Kyoko couldn’t say anything.

The snoring was coming from Kyoko’s room.

Kyoko looked at Igor in horror. “That snoring is coming from my room!” She got up and ran to her room to investigate. “Who’s been sleeping in my bed?!” she yelled, her hands on her hips.

The snoring was coming from a tape recorder, as well as the keys outside and a note, all left on her bed. “Dear Kyoko. I am so sorry about what I did. Over the night, I had an emergency, so I had used my Decoy Bot to replace me whilst I went to attend a wedding. I have left you with these keys I found. They are an exact replica of the keys used to open the door. Again, I am so sorry. Signed, X. PS, I still love you.”, The note had.

Kyoko blushed. “Oh…” she said. Suddenly she burst out laughing, and rushed the door, opening it with the keys. “I’m free, I’m free!” she yelled, running outside and taking a deep breath. Then Kyoko felt a feeling in her back, like a stab from ..a katana? Then she fell down.

Fumio, Minato and Hirito come. “Is that.. Kyoko over there?!” they said They watch from away : It can’t be.. Another “KYOKO!” Igor yelled, before running into her. “Ow…” Kyoko groaned, as blood started gushing. Actually, she was bleeding so bad that her shirt was sticking to her back like superglue….only it was blood. They run as they see her on the ground, With her back full of blood.


Nobody had heard Jack nor Pippi’s screams. Everyone was too busy having a good time. They were all socializing, singing songs so stupid they were entertaining, and having fun. All except for Aiden. Aiden became overcome with worry about Jack. He hadn’t heard from him or Pippi in a long time, yet nobody seemed to notice. They were all singing and chatting and having a great time while sitting near the campfire, but Aiden was sick of all the worry. He wanted to see Jack again. Heto see Jack again. He stood up from the campfire, causing everyone to turn their heads his way.“Where are you going, Aiden?” Yuki asked in curiosity.“...Are none of you concerned?! We haven’t heard from Jack in ages! Don’t you people think he and Pippi should be here by now?!” Aiden demanded.“He’s probably getting the marshmallows like he said he would.” Kaya shrugged.“Don’t you think it would’ve taken him a shorter time to get some stupid marshmallows?! What the hell is wrong with you people?!” Aiden snapped.

“Maybe he’s asleep? He’s probably taking a cat nap~!” Hideko suggested, before she made several “nyan~” noises..

“I don’t care, I’m going to check on him anyways! He could be dead and none of us know about it!”

“Knock yourself out. Report back to us if you see anything alarming.” Hirito replied. And with that, Aiden stomped over to the Pufferfish Cottage.

“Why does he care about Jack so much?” Igor asked his campmates.

“The two seem to have a close interaction with each other. At least, Aiden does. I’ve noticed he always wanted to be around Jack, no matter what. It could be the fact that they’re both Australian, so maybe they’re childhood friends. Maybe that’s why they care about each other? Or maybe Aiden’s in love with Jack, who knows?” Fanfikushon speculated.

“Ya know, you talk a lot for a twelve-year old…” Kaia commented.

“I’m sixteen… I just look young.” Fanfik shot Kaia an annoyed glare. -----------------------------------Meanwhile, in the Pufferfish Male Dormitory-----------------------------

Aiden slammed the door open when he was welcomed by Pippi’s corpse. Aiden’s eyes widened in shock and he screeched as loud as he could. The other campers soon heard this and rushed to Aiden’s side, soon noticing Pippi’s dead body as well.

“O-oh my god! How did this happen?!” Kyoko shrieked. “Pippi! Oh god, no! Not Pippi!” Irina cried out in grief. Yuri grasped her stomach and put her hand over her mouth. She was starting to get sick just by looking at Pippi’s corpse.

“W-wait… Wasn’t Jack… With Pippi?” Aiden asked. “Where the hell did Jack go?!” Aiden cried out. While everyone was kneeling over Pippi’s dead body, mourning the dead, Aiden searched every nook and cranny for any signs that Jack was there at all. Finding absolutely nothing, Aiden started to lose hope until he opened the restroom door, where Jack’s body, arms, and head. He screamed in terror, causing his fellow campers to look his way. Half of the group left Pippi’s body to see what was wrong with Aiden, while the other half decided to keep mourning Pippi’s loss. When they arrived next to Aiden, they were horrified as well.

“N-no way! Jack too?! It must’ve been the person who killed Pippi and Kai! W-WHAT IF HE KILLS US TOO?! OH GOD, OH GOD! I DON’T WANNA DIE!” Natsumi shrieked.

Jack’s body finally did it for Yuri. She passed out the second she laid eyes on his horrific corpse, but everyone was too focused on Jack and Pippi to help her out. Well, except for Yuki. Yuki carried Yuri to the campfire, and put her down near a log.

Aiden kneeled down to Jack’s head, closing his eyes and gently picking it up from the cold, bathroom floor. Tears began to stream down his face. Blood emitted from Jack’s lifeless head onto Aiden’s arms and clothing, but he didn’t care. He was too depressed to care.

Fanfik sighed, picking herself up and grabbing her notepad and pencil. She opened the door to her dorm and walked to the forest, deciding to get away from all the commotion. Nobody had noticed her disappearance, for she was small and quiet. Many people simply overlooked her.

She sat down against a tree, finishing her incompleted fanfictions. She looked up from her notepad for a minute to spot a figure spying on her. A red mask covered his face with two oni horns that rested above it, along with green eyes that lacked pupils. He was wearing green stealth clothing and had a chef knife in his pocket. He was holding a chainsaw. Fanfik got a good look at him before she blinked; when she opened her eyes, he was gone. Fanfik flipped through her notepad and ripped out all of her fanfictions, the only exception being the ones she wrote about Kai, Pippi, and Jack’s deaths. She turned to the next clean page and began to write.

Fanfik closed her notepad and took off the hair band holding her ponytail in place. Her hair drooped down to her hips, and she took the hair band and used it to tie her notepad to the tree. She made sure to tie it tight so it wouldn’t come off easily. After this, she stood up, waiting for her death. She knew it was going to happen, but she did not run. She knew she couldn’t run from fate. Fanfik was expecting the death, but had no clue when it was actually going to happen. She was taken by surprise when suddenly, a figure grabbed her legs from behind, causing her to fall. She turned her head around and got a good enough view to know who it was. It was Demon. While he held onto her legs, she swung her body, slamming her head into a nearby tree. She screamed at the top of her lungs while she felt the warm blood dripping from the top of her head. She knew it was her own blood. Demon dropped her and grabbed her neck, choking her. He slammed her bloody body onto the ground as hard as he could, resulting in broken bones. Blood soon emitted from Fanfik’s mouth and nose, while tears streamed down her face and stained her already bloody clothing. Demon pushed his foot down on Fanfik’s chest and sliced off her arms and legs clean with his chainsaw. Fanfik squealed out in pain, louder than she thought a physical human could scream. What was left of her body was aching, and she felt the warm streams of blood leave her body. She started to get paler by the second, before Demon took out his chef knife and grabbed her by her hair, which by now was stained with blood. He began to stab her multiple times in the chest, laughing maniacally while he did. When he was done, her chest was bleeding out and he threw her onto the ground. Fanfik was at the point where her lungs didn’t have the capacity to scream anymore, so she didn’t. He checked her pulse to see if she was still alive, and when he saw that she was, he took his chainsaw and sliced her head off. Her body and head was already soaked with blood, and her body had already bled out. Her skin was as pale as snow at this point. He took her lifeless head, still dripping with a bit of blood, and tied her head to the tree, creating a knot with her hair. Blood soaked Fanfik’s unfinished fanfiction, which was scattered all over the floor. Demon noticed her fanfictions and grabbed them off of the floor. He cut a hole open in her stomach and stuffed them inside. He grinned and took a step back to admire his work. Nearby trees had blood splashed all over them, and a few flies started to surround Fanfik’s limbless body. Her limbs were scattered around her body, and her head was softly rocking with the wind. It was then when he noticed Fanfik’s notepad hanging from the tree. Fanfik had made sure to tie it as tight as possible, so it wouldn’t come off easily. Demon shrugged it off, thinking it was of no importance. He then noticed a small, sharpened pencil laying on the ground right under the notepad. He picked it up and stabbed Fanfik’s left eye out with it, causing it to bleed. Dry tears stained the ground around her body and below her head. Demon flashed an evil grin, turned around, and walked away, giving the bloody scene that he had caused the cold shoulder.

The next morning, nobody had heard Fanfik’s screams and pleas for mercy the night before. In fact, everyone seemed affected by the two Australian’s deaths. Aiden fell into depression after Jack’s body was discovered. He can never sleep at night, no matter how hard he tries. The image of Jack’s lifeless body still burned in his head. Every night, he went to sleep hugging Jack’s head. Of course, soon the head would rot away, leaving Aiden no choice but to throw it out. Irina was scarred for life after she discovered Pippi’s corpse. She and Pippi were such great friends, they even kissed one time! Irina dug a grave for Pippi, to forever remember her legacy. Igor was sad about Pippi’s death as well, and went into the forest to pick flowers to put against Pippi’s grave. While picking flowers, he came across the horrifying scene from the night before, and screeched at the top of his lungs. Everybody except for Aiden and Irina stopped what they were doing and quickly rushed into the forest. When they got there, everyone was terrified. Yuri and Kyoko fainted, Hirito threw up, and Minato ran away in fear.

“Oh-oh dear god! That’s so-so brutal!” Osara cried out.

“Again?! A fourth time!? Oh, god, I think I’m going to throw up…” Hailey quickly covered her mouth.

“Why?! Who’s doing this, and why are they doing it?!” Yaru wailed in despair.

Everyone continued to panic over Fanfik’s corpse, until eventually, Hitomi noticed something.

“Hey… Wait a minute… Is that her notepad? Why is it hanging from the tree?” Hitomi tilted her head. She attempted to get it off of the tree, but failed, so she simply opened it.

“What the hell?! Why is that even important?! It’s not like she wrote anything down before she died, stupid! It’s probably just filled with fanfictions!” Kaia spat out.

“No, wait… There’s something here… And it’s not a fanfic… It kind of looks like it was scribbled up in a hurry...” Hitomi began to read Fanfik’s last note out loud to everyone who was able to listen. Everyone who heard it was in complete shock, with their irises shrunken and their eyes widened.

“No way… She actually had time to jot that all down?” Sayomi was amazed.

“Apparently so… We have to take this notepad with us!” Kaya demanded. “Hitomi, I noticed you couldn’t take it down cuz it’s tied so tight, but I’m strong! I work out almost every day! I could probably take it off!”

“Okay, now you’re just showing off! I say we burn the band off!” Kaia smirked.

“N-no! We could bur-gag-n the notepad if we-ugh- do! Just let Kay-bleh!-a tear it off…” responded Hirito, who was still a little bit sick from throwing up.

“Alright, here it goes!” Kaya grabbed the band and pulled it with all her might. Eventually, the band broke into two, forcing the notepad to almost fall on top of a blood pile and almost get soaked with blood, if it hadn’t been for Hideko, who leaped under it to save it from getting bloody. However, in the process of this, she got her clothes soaked with blood.

“Oh, wow! Hideko-chan, you saved the notepad!” Fumio cheered.

“Yeah! I’ve got cat-like reflexes, don’t I? Nyan~!” Hideko giggled.

Hitomi picked up the notepad from Hideko’s back, and held it to her chest. “Amazing! Now we have this, just in case! And now we know what he looks like, thanks to Fanfik-sama.”


“Uh, guys? Does anyone else get the weird feeling that we’re being… Watched?” Emi asked. He turned his head and spotted Demon, who was watching the campers while hiding behind a tree. Emi yelled out and turned to the group, attempting to get their attention.

“DEMON’S WATCHING US! LOOK, HE’S RIGHT THERE! RIGHT. THERE.” Emi got everyone’s attention and pointed at the tree Demon was hiding behind, but when everyone looked his way, he was gone. Everyone turned to Emi.

“Um… Emi-chan, there’s nothing there. Are you alright?” Yuki asked her friend.

“B-but… Demon was r-right… The-there…” Emi stuttered.

“Wait, is ‘Demon’ his official name now? Just Because Fanfik called him that in her notes?” Xavier asked.

“Apparently… I guess… Well, we should head back to camp. Emi, you should probably get some rest…” Hirito suggested. Xavier picked up Yuri and Kyoko’s fainted bodies and carried them back to camp, while the others closely followed.

“B-but… I know I saw him..!” Emi argued.

“Just go get some rest when we get there, Emi…” Igor sighed.

Meanwhile, back at the camp...

"I can't take this anymore!" Aiden cried, shaking his head.

Aiden found a rope and was gonna use it as a noose but suddenly he was stopped.


"Ending my life once and for all, I'm useless now the one I loved is now dead!" Aiden started to become teary

"Listen! What would Jack want?! He would want you alive! Think about it!" Irina said.

Aiden was shocked "Well I guess you're right, I also found this note next to his body..." Aiden then throws the noose away.

The note reads:

At the crack of dawn the next morning, most of the campers were asleep in their respective dormitories. Some, like Aiden and Irina, couldn’t sleep after the deaths of their loved ones. While others, like Kaia, slept like babies. Nonetheless, everyone was alarmed and awakened when suddenly, the doors to their dorms slammed shut and locked. The female Pufferfishes were panicking and screaming, the female Eagles attempted to try to find a logical explanation and solution.

“The doors closed by themselves! Must be magic~!” Sayomi giggled.

“No. Not magic. No way it’s magic. Maybe Demon is responsible? From what I’ve observed and examined from Chosa-chan’s notes, Demon seems to be a very smart and quick individual. Obviously, he shut the doors to all the dorms and locked us in. The windows seemed boarded shut, so we can’t escape from them. Maybe there’s a key around here that he hid?” Emi speculated.

“Emi’s right! Demon is probably responsible for this… But for now, we have to find a key!” Yuki demanded.

“Yeah! Come on, girls! Let’s search this dorm top to bottom!” Kaya cheered!

And so they searched every nook and cranny, but to no avail. After three hours of searching, the girls still failed to find anything. Some girls even forgot what they were looking for.

“Sayomi-chan, Sayomi-chan! What were we looking for again?” Midori asked cheerfully.

“We’re looking for lost boxes of pocky, of course! What else, Midori?” Sayomi giggled.

“No, no, no!” Hitomi groaned. “We’ll never get out of the dorms! We’re going to starve to death in here!” “Don’t worry, Hitomi-sama! Oh, I got an idea! How about we look back at Chosa-chan’s notes for any clues? She described him pretty well in there, maybe we could get something from her descriptions?” Kaya suggested.

Hitomi sighed. “I guess it’s worth a shot…” She walked to an empty bed, which used to be Fanfik’s bed, which had her notepad laid down face down. She reached for it, but Hideko quickly jumped up on the bed, grabbing the notepad.

“Hehe! Look! My cat-like reflexes got here before you~! Nyannn~!” Hideko giggled, jumping up and down on the bed, shaking the notepad in the process. Suddenly, a glimmering, small, metal object quickly fell from the notepad and to the floor. Yuki quickly noticed this and rushed over, picking it up. Her eyes widened as she saw what it was.

“It’s the key!” Yuki gasped with surprise.

“Really?! You found it, Hideko-san! Yaay!” Kaya cheered.

“Huh? Found what? I don’t see any pocky…” Midori tilted her head.

Yuki ran over to the locked doors, using the key on it. Surely enough, the doors swung open.

“Hooray! We’re free at last!” “Finally! After so long!” “Yes! Yes! Yaay!” The girls all cheered as they ran outside happily. Some girls, including Midori, Sayomi, and Kaya, decided to sit down and relax near the lake.

“Ooh… I’m so happy…” Kaya laughed.

“I’m not… We didn’t find any pocky…” Sayomi complained.

“Why… on Earth would we find pocky..?” Kaya asked, her facial expression changing from elated to confused in a split second.

“Kaya-chan, Kaya-chan! What exactly were we looking for?” Midori questioned.

“I already told you, Midori! Pocky! Too bad we didn’t find any…” Sayomi pouted.

“Um… Okay, I… Yeah, we were looking for pocky but Demon ate it all…” Kaya muttered sarcastically.

“Aww, boo! He’s such a jerk!” Sayomi pouted. Suddenly, Kaya heard rustling in the bushes. She quickly shot up, but the two other girls with her were confused.

“Kaya-chan, Kaya-chan! What’s the matter?” Midori asked.

“...I… thought I heard something…” Kaya responded. She looked around and saw nothing, and the sounds she had heard before were silenced. Suddenly, Demon leaped from the bushes, wielding an old, rusty shovel with a bit of dry blood on it. He swung it at Kaya, who swiftly dodged it and ran away as fast as she could, screaming at the top of her lungs. He then looked to Midori and Sayomi, whose eyes were widened with shock. Sayomi started to scream and ran away before Demon could swing at her, but Midori wasn’t so lucky. Demon took another swing, harder this time, aimed right at Midori’s face. Before she knew it, she was knocked to the ground. She started to cough up blood and even lost a couple teeth. Demon then jabbed Midori in the stomach with the shovel, causing her to cough up more blood. Midori quickly picked herself up and covered her mouth, and turned around, fleeing as fast as she could. Midori wasn’t that fast, but Demon didn’t bother to chase after her. He knew her teammates heard the screaming, and decided to run away and go into hiding again.

While running away, Midori tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. Her stomach and head ached in pain, and she started to cough up more blood. Luckily for her, Ryuto came to her rescue. He swiftly picked her up in his arms and carried her back to the Eagles Boys Dorm. But how did Ryuto escape? They were trapped two, weren’t they? Well…

------------------------About Three Hours Ago, in the Eagles Boys Dorm--------------------------------

Ryuto woke up to the sound of a slammed door. He looked up from his bed and saw that the windows were boarded up and was confused for a second. “Odd…” He muttered as he got up from his bed. He looked around and saw Aiden, cuddling Jack’s lifeless head. He was awoken as well, but looked depressed, a frown swept across his face. Ryuto sighed, not wanting to talk to him. He walked towards the door and attempted to open it, only to find that it was locked. Ryuto’s eyes widened as he kept on trying frantically to open the door, but to no avail. It still wouldn’t budge. Eventually, Ryuto gave up and sighed. He decided to look around the cabin for anything that could help open the door. He began to search every inch of the dorm, but he simply couldn’t find a thing. Aiden was no help, he was still moping on his bed, staring longingly into the lifeless eyes of what remained of Jack Smith. Time passed on for a couple hours, until Ryuto eventually gave up.

“Ugh..! I can’t find a thing!” Ryuto gave out a frustrated sigh. He turned his head behind him. Aiden was still lying on his bed in depression.

“...You know, you could at least try to help…” Ryuto gave off a menacing glare at Aiden, but he ignored it.

“What’s the point..?” Aiden groaned in despair. Ryuto decided to not waste his time arguing with Aiden and went to sit down on his bed to let his mind wander. His thoughts were interrupted by an unpleasant aroma coming from the bathroom. It was at that moment Ryuto realized he forgot to bury Jack’s remains, and they were starting to rot. He got up from his bed and walked towards the bathroom, feeling exhausted after his search. He looked down at what remained of Jack’s corpse, and gagged, throwing up in his mouth during the process. It was then when he noticed something glimmering from Jack’s shirt pocket. He reached inside and found the key! “Yes! Finally, after so long!” Ryuto cheered! He rushed over to the exit and unlocked the door, running out. He felt elated! He was finally free! But his glorious feeling soon turned into fear when he heard Midori’s cries of mercy. He looked around and saw her tripping over a rock and gasped, then swiftly ran over soon afterwards. He swept up Midori in his arms and quickly carried her to the Eagles Girls Dorm. All of the female eagles, with the exception of Kaya and Sayomi, were enjoying themselves at the campfire, soon noticed Ryuto and ran in after him. Ryuto set down Midori on a bed, while the girls gathered around.

“This is horrible! Not again… Okay, no time to waste! Hideko, keep watch at the door so we don’t get locked in again!” Emi instructed.

“Got it! If I see that meanie, I’ll go ‘NYAAAAANNN~!!!’” Hideko giggled as she ran over to the door, keeping an eye out for Demon.

“Alright, good! Does anyone know how to treat injuries? The closest thing I can do to that is headkick someone to sanity.” Emi asked the girls and Ryuto.

The girls exchanged frightened looks. None of them knew how to treat severe injuries. Yuki was aware of this and sighed in annoyance.

“Okay, this may not sound like a great idea, but… How about we just leave her here and let her heal on her own?” Hitomi suggested.

Emi sighed. “It’s all we can do. Sure.”

Yuki crossed her arms. “Can’t we at least try and help her out? Maybe get her some water, bandage her wounds, maybe? I don’t recall much of the books I read about situations like these, but the knowledge could prove useful…”

Emi sighed. “Yuki, if we had the resources and more knowledge, I’d help her right here and now.”

And with that, Ryuto was in charge of taking care of Midori. The girls sat down at the campfire, all except for Hideko, who was still keeping watch for Ryuto and Midori. Besides Midori’s injury, everything had returned normal…

Well, as normal as it should be in a camp like this.

Final Results

My choose was easy, a team made a non-sense, short, boring and not even realistic story. They don't cared about anything, but a relationship, which isn't the main focus. There was only one attack, and it's obvi i don't like this and the requirements ask for the contrary. So, this challenge loser is our cute poisonous fishes.

As for the Eagles, the story was really good, Fanfik death was gory and sad. Good work.


Due to rules break, Pufferfish story was changed. Real Xavier was attacked only, no robots! Kyoko found the key on the ground, next to a injured Xavier.

The Death

After witnessing a almost fatal attack of her beloved, Kyoko Mikami fall on depression. She stays alone on the river, sitting next to the water on a small log, she cries loudly with her legs next to her body and head accommodated in her crossed arms. A mysterious entity watches her, peacefully, without any wish to hurt. Suddenly, the water of the river starts to create small tides, Kyoko looks to the river, the tides get even bigger, concentrating in a single place. Kyoko tries to come closer to it and stood up, horns start to leave the tides and it reveals itself to be the Demon, without any gear, he leaves the water calmly, while Kyoko stays paralyzed in shock. The Demon pushes a bat from a nearby bush and prepares to attack Kyoko. Suddenly, he is surprised by a headkick, given by Emi Fukui. He falls on the ground but acts fast and use the bat to hit Kyoko legs and Emi foot falls on the ground. The Demon stood up, but the girls are incapable of doing so, he picks the bat and aims to Emi, while Kyoko tries to escape crawling. Demon start hitting Emi head mutiple times, very hard, sufficient to break the bat, killing her. Kyoko goes close to the river crawling, the killer calmly goes next to her and pick her hair, he pushes her head to the river and starts to drown her, she tries to resist, but he is stronger. Kyoko suffocates and Demon let her body floating on the river. Kyoko and Emi are dead... or not?

Or not (Extra) Emi and Kyoko corpses are discovered after some time, the campers decided to keep they corpses on a bed until they get a funeral ready. The Demon approached the corpses slowly. Suddenly, Emi opens her eyes wide.

I hope you keep you word

Emi removes her wonds make-up and leaves the house with the Demon. Emi Fukui is a mole.