The school that all students who live in Buraza Town attend.



School Rules

1. When the beginning bell rings, students must immediately return to the classroom and be seated. However, do not run in the hallways and keep an inside voice when entering the classroom.

2. After the class starts, students are expected to take their seats.

3. Students are expected to be respectful to their teachers and others.

4. Students must raise their hand to receive their teacher’s permission before speaking.

5. Students are not permitted to: wear a hat/cap, to place their leg/legs on the desk, or use earphones/headphones or cell phones during school.

6. During class, students may not eat, drink or chew gum. Students may however, eat snacks outside the classroom during recess.

7. Students are expected to keep the classrooms clean. Paper scraps and other items no longer needed must be placed in a waste basket. Do not scribble on desks and walls. Return any desks or chairs that are moved to the former location. Inform the teacher if and when a desk, chair or any items are damaged.

8. Ask the teacher if you have anything you do not understand or talk to the teacher if you have anything that bothers you in the classroom.

9. Let’s keep the restrooms clean. Put used paper towels into the waste basket.

10. Do not step into the Japanese garden. Do not climb trees or walls on the school ground.

11. Students are not allowed to go out of the school ground without the teacher’s permission.

12. Students are expected to have a textbook, workbook, notebook and other items such as pencils and eraser ready and packed to be taken to school.

13. Students must check and ensure that all homework and/or other assigned tasks have been completed prior to coming back to school the following week.

14. Students must also study and be ready for a test or quiz as assigned prior to coming back to school the following week.

15. Students are prohibited from bringing a large amount of cash, dangerous weapons such as knives, guns and explosives and other substances such as tobacco and drugs to school.

16. Students must be dressed and groomed appropriately for school.


Akademi High School/Canon School
Akademi High School/Fanon School




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