Aka Gema is an OC owned by Dandere Slytherin. Please only use her with premission
Aka Gema
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation 0
Club Gaming
Age 18
Persona Social Butterfly
Crush  ???
Additional Info Doesn't tell anyone much about her.


She has dusty red hair in two drills, with dusty pink eyes.


She's a Social Butterfly, she'll pose when a camera is pointed at her, and will run to the nearest crowd and call the police when she witnesses a murder.

She talks to anyone she sees, and seems not to like leaving people alone, she is also obsessed with gaming.


Item: Lost Video Game

Aka lost a new vidoe game she bought! Find it for her!

Location: The Art Room

"I lost this new video game I bought, and I REALLY want to play it, do you think you can help me find it?" -Asking you

"Thank you! Bring it to me when you find it!" -Accepting her task

"Oh, okay, you probably don't like video games, anyways, I can find it myself..." -Declining her task

"Well, you should find it soon!" -Coming to her without video game

"Thank you, thank you, thanks you! I owe you so much!" -Coming with her video game

She'll become your friend after doign her task, and since she owes you so much, she'll let you into her locker, and will let you borrow anything from her, making it easy to frame her.


Most of it unknown, people only know one of her parents were killed when she was 4, it is unknown which one.


  • Her name means Red Gamer
  • No one knows her sexuality
  • Her favorite Vocaloid is Kagamine Rin
  • Her favorite out of the Vocaloids/UTAUloids is Kasane Teto
  • Her portrait was made in a portriats request blog by Cyrax Boiiii
  • She is my first not shared OC to not have a portrait by Bell Dan

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