Kanji エァーマン
Rōmaji Ea- Mann
Alias the wind
General Information
Race Ethereal
Sex Nitrogenous
Pronouns It, He
Sexuality Airsexual
Scholar Information
Persona Airy
Friends Jim
Enemies Biscuits N' Tea
Status Alive... I guess?


Airman is the sworn enemy of Biscuits N' Tea. He is composed entirely of air, and can only be harmed by small shards of metal. He can only be seen with specially treated glass. (such as Biscuits N' Tea's monocle or Wong's visor)


  • Because he is made of air, Airman can manipulate sound that goes through him. For example, he can make a flute play dubstep. (or play the kazoo kid remix with a normal kazoo)
  • He can only be seen with the specially treated glass, so far only Biscuits N' Tea and Wong have any, and Wong carries surplus.
  • Can only be harmed with a small shard of steel. Some small knives count.
  • When encountering Airman, you may notice a slight breeze.

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