Aira Shidesu
Student Info
Career Student
Reputation +15
Club No Club (she thinks she is too cool for clubs)
Age 17
Persona Loner
Crush None
Additional Info  ???

Aira Shidesu is an OC created by User:Telts23


Aira is popular to everyone she doesn't know. She tries her best to be popular and cute, but she can't simply take the pressure of high reputation. Her cuteness and beauty turned her from a sweet-hearted girl to a bitchy nightmare. She yells at everyone who even slightly annoys her, she laughs at everyone whose hair is a bit out of place, and gossips about everything she knows with her few friends. If anyone screws up even the slightest bit, Aira laughs at them and makes fun of them for a very long time. The reason her reputation is still high is because no-one believes stories about horrible incidents with Aira, not even people who have had fights with her before. All the bad incidents are simply forgotten soon.


Aira has orange hair in small ponytails. She also has a pink and white laced headband in her hair and matching pink earrings. Her eyes are light blue and she always have pink lipstick on. She wears uniform #2.



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