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♥ STOP RIGHT THERE! This OC belongs to BaedereBaemulator.♥

Ask her permission of you wanna use it for fanwork purposes such as fanfiction, fanart instead of stealing! If you steal ANY of this, you're gonna have a bad time...♥

Aiko Kaneko is an OC created by BaedereBaemulator.


Aiko has short and a bit spiky ( formely really straight ) grey-ish black hair, indigo eyes and sometimes wears a teal hairclip on the right side. She wears the default female uniform unless customized but she has a casual outfit and an alternate swimwear (see Kisekae photos). Her bust size is 0.1 (AA cup), way smaller than Yui Rio.

In game, she will wear Mina Rai's hairstyle in black.

She's fit and doesn't has an average height and weight (mostly on height).


She has the Teacher's Pet persona. She's a smart, mature, ambitious and a quiet student but there are situations when she gets weird, specially when she's with Haruto.


7:00-8:00 - Aiko comes to Akademi High, goes to her locker to change her shoes and goes to the plaza to sit on a bench close to a sakura cherry tree to read a book.

8:00-1:00 - Goes to Classroom 1-2 alone and have her lessons.

1:00-1:30 - Goes to the plaza read while sitting in a bench, close to a sakura cherry tree.

1:30-3:30 - Goes back to Classroom 1-2.

3:30-5:50 - Goes to the Light Music Club. She plays piano/keyboard.

5:50 - She goes home alone.


Canon Characters

Haruto Yuto: Her crush. She's shy and weird towards him. Since she has a crush on him, if the player kills Haruto in front of her, she will attack the player with much more force than she's usually capable of.

Sota Yuki: They are classmates and close friends. Also her first friend from her classroom.

Yandere-chan: When Aiko witnesses a murder caused by her, she will call her teacher.

Ryusei Koki: Her first friend at Akademi. She helps him sometimes. She doesn't know about his perverted nature.


My OCs

Retsu Yuto: Retsu only knows her because of her crush on Haruto. It's really rare to see them interact to each other.

Miko Agashi: Clubmates. Close friends.

Ricci Ryoko: Clubmates.

Aikido Kayane: Classmates, he has a crush on her but she hates him.

Other People's OCs

Kibo (SkittyLover3): Her slime pet that she uses for researches about his species.





By BaedereBaemulator


By Kiroma337




Normal 34**aa7.

Casual: 34**aa7.

Beach: 34**aa7.





  • Her first name means "tinctoria child/Indigo child" meaning to "child who is superior to parents" and her last name means “Doubly accomplished child” meaning how smart is she.
    • Her favorite color came from the meaning of her first name.
  • Her birthday is on March 14th. This is a reference to Pi Day, which is in the same day.
  • Aiko seems to be side Dandere, side Yandere (only is severe cases) and side Deredere. She gets very weird toward Haruto (when I mean weird, its really weird, like a pervert).
  • She has a childish apperance (loli-look), meaning that even that she's a teenager, she looks like a toddler. Althrough she acts more mature than the majority of the girls. She has Napoleon Complex.
  • Her favorite color is indigo and her favorite food is origini/rice ball.
  • Her personality (majority of it) and height are inspired on Hagimura Suzu [1] from Seitokai Yakuindomo [2][3].
  • Her task might feature Yandere-chan help her to find a book in the chemistry lab or in the Light Music Club.
  • If Aiko had a theme song it would be Kagamine Len and Rin and Megpoid Gumi's First Love Academy School of True Love. Every single Rin Kagamine songs fit her.
  • She gets really jealous very easly. This is where her Yandere side unleashes.
  • She's head over heels and crazy in love towards Haruto that he even didn't notice her at all.
  • She would sound monotone and logical-like if she had a voice.


- "Is that blood?" - When she sees someone covered in blood.

- "Why did you bring a weapon to school?" - When she sees Yandere-chan with a weapon.

- "Oh my god, stop! This is creepy!" - When she sees Yandere-chan laughing insanely.

- "Oh my God! Is that a dead body?!" - When she sees a corpse.

- "Oh my god! This can't be happening!" - When she sees Yandere-chan murdering someone/dragging a corpse.

- "I've got to tell a teacher!/Gotta go hide somewhere!" - When she runs away from a murder/poisoning.

- "I saw a student attack someone! I think they're dead"/I saw a student with horrible injuries! I think they're dead!" - When she tries to tell a teacher about the murder.

- " was right here...I know I saw it..." - When she tries to explain a teacher but she believes that it's actually a prank.

- "What are you doing? GET OUT!" - When she sees someone taking panty shots of her.

- "Don't talk to me. I know you killed someone. I'll make sure everyone knows what you've done." - When Yandere-chan tries to speak to her a day after witnessing a murder.

- " Who dumped water/blood on me like that? I can't go like that to class." - When she has blood/water on her uniform.

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