Aiko Fujioka
Aiko Fujioka

Sakura (by Ayano)




Female Female


She She






June 16th

Astrological Sign

Gemini Gemini

Blood Type



Social Butterfly


Straight Straight

Personal Status


Educated in

Akademi High School




Budo Masuta

Personal Status

Asaka Fujioka (Twin Sister)

Additional Info
Aiko is best friends with Ayano Aishi.

Aiko plays girls soccer for Akademi High School.

It is known that Aiko has split personality disorder.

 Aiko Fujioka is an OC by Witchy Sabrina. Please ask before using this OC in any fanfiction. Thank you!


Aiko has bisque complexion skin and is somewhat tall. Aiko has black hair with two pony tails to the side, and has bright pink eyes like Sakura Trees, as Ayano Aishi nicknames her Sakura. She usually smiles in public to keep a positive entity. Aiko will wear any school wear any other students are wearing to get herself similarities with others and make new friends. When in the sports club, she will wear light purple athletic shorts and an Akademi High grey T-shirt made of athletic fabric, along with cletes, shin pads, and long socks.


Aiko is known around schools and other public places to be very devoted, athletic, optomistic, and intelligent. She does have some situations in which she will fake her personality to suit other's deeds, considering she could be manipulative. But, not all the time is Aiko like that, as she does care about other people and will help them out through tough times and is always a listener. She even started a donate to the poor fund with Pippi Osu and raised over $60,000. Aiko is caring and gives advice to all of the people that come to her for aid.

Aiko has an interest in animals and loves all of nature, but also hates it when others harm it. Aiko is very straightforward with her opinions and has an excessive urge to release them to persuade others to get her way by controling them, which is why other students think she should run for class president and compete against Yui Rio for the role. Others, however, have caught Aiko manipulating others and took action by confronting her. 

Aiko's intellect has saved her and other friends from bad events in their lives. Aiko is always there for Ayano Aishi when she needs it, and will do anything to protect her. The two formed a very strong bond since third grade and never turned on each other or will turn on each other, and yet again, with Aiko's intellect, she has persuaded people to change sides in arguments, drama situations, and even got Ayano out of a suspense for beating up Osana Najimi by persuading a teacher that Ayano didn't do anything.

Not only is Aiko devoted, athletic, optomistic, intelligent, and manipulative, but she is very adaptable and mischevous. Aiko has actually assisted Ayano in a murder and with Aiko's assistance, the two successfully got away with it from killing Juku Ren. However, it is ironic that Aiko's senpai is Budo Masuta , the teacher of Juku. Aiko has seduced Budo Masuta to give her things, help her out, harm others, and much more. In any social debate with drama, you bet that Aiko will transform into a whole other being while talking from one person to the next.


Aiko was born in Tokyo, Japan, and ever since she was born everybody began to notice how extremely changeable she was to her enviornment, like she was camoflauge. Aiko was a victim of domestic abuse from her father when she was six, and was mentally scarred ever since. Since then, everybody at her schools would and could find anything to insult her about. She was bullied for five years and was so lonely, nobody would even help her. Until one day, when Aiko was 10, Ayano Aishi stood up to a bully and prevented Aiko from being publically embarrassed, one of her biggest fears. But that was when Ayano actually only felt love

After her years of bullying, she tried out for soccer at age 13, and made the team, but after that she made a rival that still exists to this day, being Saki Miyu. Aiko was so angry at that day that she couldn't manipulate anyone's feelings and she felt like she lost all of her control, it was like her skills were gone. So, what happened was Saki punched the ball into the net when Aiko was playing goaly, and then ran off and got herself the winning point, eliminating Aiko from the tryouts. Then, Kokona Haruka, Saki Miyu's best friend, lied and said that Aiko handballed the winning score but was eliminated and the judges had no choice but to put Saki in the team. Ayano had to return the favor from Aiko from all the aid she recieved, and Ayano exposed Saki's secret and blackmailed her to tell the truth to everyone on Facebook. Because Aiko missed her chance of playing soccer, she wasn't well known at the time for anything positive. It might seem little, but many students used to rub that false secret in to Aiko, and did nothing to Kokona or Saki, because her popularity was their crutches. Aiko couldn't join sports club, wasn't accepted by teachers as a "hard-working student", and more. The magnitude wasn't serious just because of the handball, but various rumors that piled up on each other from other students about the situation.

At the age of 15, Aiko was diagnosed with split personality disorder. She felt like she had two people in one, being a manipulative side, and a caring side. Nobody knew at the time but Ayano, who swore never to tell anyone. It was one day when Aiko, Kokona, and Saki became friends again that something broke out. Ayano got a text message, anonymously on her phone from someone who threatened to hurt her unless Aiko's secret was told to the school. Ayano didn't want to lose any friends, it was the first one she had! Scared, Ayano told a false secret to the anonymous messenger. After that, the terrible, false secret was exposed, and all of the consequences flew on to Aiko.

Every student at Akademi High was told that Aiko was a drug addict, and every student believed it because of the symptoms she showed from split personality disorder, when those are not drug addict symptoms. More bullying started at that time, as people put sugar in bags and called her quackhead because she was said to be ugly like a duck. Her personality disorder got much worse.

But only two years later, the age 17, same as Ayano, she became very loved, and people began to realize that the rumors, gossip, and lies were false. Aiko joined soccer again, and has her own little friend group, including Yui Rio , and Ayano Aishi. These three gained very serious trust with each other, and they seem to know much more about the drama around school than any other student. Aiko became popular, but that didn't stop her from not being friends with Ayano. But, her split attitude still exists and comes out in social interactions, to the point she even was assaulted from Koharu Hinata out of anger. Aiko began to tell everyone else about that secret, and slowly became a bully. Only the very few who know about this consider her to be morphing into what she dealt with... After the "morphing process", she regained her senses of amity and stopped being a gossiper. Ever since then, Aiko has been a great soccer player and scored the winning goal in a championship game for Akademi High.


Aiko will walk with Ayano together each morning and talk about anything, unless Ayano is out stalking Senpai, which Aiko is still unaware about... They can be seen laughing together and showing funny things to each other on their phones at 7 AM. At 7:05, they are at their lockers, next to each other, getting the things they need for class, and moving to their next thing on the routine. At 7:15 AM, Aiko will go to the Sports Club and practice the daily sport, and Ayano will leave, claiming to "talk to another person Aiko doesn't need to know about"... Then, at 8 AM, Aiko will go to class 2-1 until 1:00 PM, where she heads to lunch upstairs with Ayano, and they both stalk Taro Yamada, but only Aiko does it for fun, while the other does it seriously... After 1:30 ends lunch, the two go back to class until 3:30 PM and Aiko goes to sports club, while Ayano goes to her Senpai's house, who she never told Aiko about...


  • Aiko wants to stay positive, although she usually can come off negative because of her manipulation tactics.
  • Aiko helped out Pippi Osu in a donation to the poor, which Pippi still thanks Aiko for to this day.
  • Aiko loves animals, and her favorite is an otter.
  • Aiko was not the only one to fail against Yui Rio in the run for class president, as Riku Soma attempted and failed. Those three were the most voted competitors. Aiko placed third in the longrun.
  • After Aiko's stages of bullying, she was even more cared about for always being around to help out students with emotional problems in their life.
  • Aiko was a victim of domestic abuse by her father, and never told anyone about it, until for some odd reason it was exposed, even kept concealed.
  • Aiko is the only student in Akademi High School with split personality disorder.
  • Aiko became a bully after she became more socially trusted, assumed only to look cool in front of her friends.
  • Ayano Aishi still never told Aiko about her Senpai, and is still unaware about it till this day.
  • Aiko's favorite color is pink.
  • Aiko's favorite food is filet mignon steak.

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