Aika Ito

Aika Ito

Aika Ito is a non-canon student from Akademi High School. She belongs to the wiki user GrimdarkPixels and is not in any club. She has a fanon "Apathetic" personality and a repuation of -40.


Aika is 5"5 tall and weighs 90 lbs. She wears the 3rd female uniform, black rimmed glasses and knee high white socks. She has faded pink eyes and black, shoulder length hair.


7:05 AM - 7:14 AM: Aika arrives at school and exchanges her outdoor shoes for indoor shoes.

7:15 AM - 8:25 AM: She walks to the rooftop and sits alone, often with a manga or cellphone.

8:26 AM - 1:00 PM: Goes to classroom 2-2. She is often late to class.

1:01 PM - 1:26 PM: Returns to the rooftop and continues what she was doing that morning.

1:27 PM - 3:30 PM: Goes back to classroom 2-2 until the end of the day.

3:31 PM - 5:00 PM: Returns to the rooftop. Continues reading/using her cellphone.

5:01 PM - 5:05 PM: Aika leaves the rooftop, returns her indoor shoes and puts on her outdoor shoes.

5:06 PM - 5:10 PM: Aika leaves the school.


Aika has the non-canon "Apathetic" personality, created by GrimdarkPixels (to his knowledge). As such, she does not react negatively to murder, blood, violence, insanity or other things associated with Yandere-Chan.

When photographed

Aika does not have anything to hide, so she will not cover her face when a camera is aimed at her. She will, however, display annoyance, tilt her head down slightly and give the photographer a side glare.

When witnessing murder

Aika will be momentarily taken aback, but then immediately surrender herself. She will explain that she will not tell anyone what happened, but will allow Yandere-Chan to kill her anyway, if it would make her feel better knowing there are no witnesses. She will raise her arms, tilt her head down and close her eyes. If Yandere-Chan does not kill her, she waits like this for a few seconds before leaving. She leaves the school, but does not tell a soul what she saw. She will talk to Yandere-Chan after the incident, though she may have different dialogue.

When discovering a corpse/multiple corpses

Aika will be startled, but she will then realise that it's harmless. She will take a photo of the corpse and tell a teacher what she found. She will then leave. If she discovers multiple corpses (3 or more) in the same place, she will suspect that someone dangerous is on the loose, and will call the police.

When discovering blood

After confirming that what she sees is, indeed, blood, Aika will clean up the blood so that no one else finds it and panics. Also, cleaning up blood before it dries is easy.

When witnessing someone visibly insane

Aika will become wary and keep her distance from the insane person.

When witnessing someone taking panty shots

Aika will show active disgust at the action, even more so if someone is taking panty shots of herself.

When witnessing someone naked

Aika will blush and avert her eyes, telling the nude person to put some clothes on before a faculty member comes and punishes them.

After being drenched in water

Aika will scream as the water soaks her through, the cold seeping into her bones. She exclaims that she can't mentally deal with being so cold the whole day, and goes to change her clothes.

After being drenched in blood

Aika will not be able to tell straight away that it is blood, but the smell will overwhelm her, causing her to shriek in disgust and run to the girls' locker room to bathe.


  • While Aika seems to be emotionless, this is not the case. It takes an incredible amount of effort or something major to get her to display emotions, however. She does not seem to know or care that she seems deviant.
  • Aika enjoys being alone, but not being lonely. This is why she goes to the rooftop when other people are present; she enjoys the presence of people, but not their company.
  • Aika used to be in the Occult Club, but was kicked out due to being late too often.
  • Aika has a crush on Kokuma Jutsu, but refuses to tell anyone.

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